The “Atas” Foodcourt You Can Afford

Enjoy great food, great drinks and great company in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.


By delsar


Started on the 4th of July in 2015, Essen at The Pinnacle has been serving quality food and drinks to its customers. Essen does not serve food itself. They have tenants who rent out the stalls to sell their dishes. They have 6 stalls in total, each serving different cuisines. Just like in a foodcourt, but an ‘atas’ one.

essen-beer-price essen-drinks

Essen provides it’s customers with a wide range of craft beers and wine selection. Beer that is sold at $20 outside can be found here only at $12-$13. They compare their food to restaurant quality instead of hawker centre food. They pride themselves in serving high quality food at affordable prices. They are able to do so as they put a certain pressure on their tenants.


This place is suitable for people of all ages. They have a large seating area of 160 seats indoors and 70 seats outdoors. It’s very comfortable, chill and there’s commune seating. Their crowd mainly comes during the weekends where they will visit, have a couple of good priced beers, wind down and relax. Their Sunday crowd are mainly families so not so much drinking is involved.

The owners who created Essen started out as they wanted people to have a comfortable location, a big one to have reasonably priced food. “We are consumers ourselves and we want a place that is something different from the mainstream.” said Chester, one of the shareholders.

essen-duck-confit essen-duck-confit-2

We tried food from four out of six stalls available there. First up, we have Garçon serving French cuisine. This popular stall have 3 outlets in Singapore. We had their duck confit and it was amazing. The duck was tender and fell off the bones just by lightly prying off the meat. The mash served along was also smooth and buttery while the sautéed mushroom beside it was extremely fragrant!

essen-lastalla essen-pizza

Next, we tried the Italian stall, LaStalla. We had their Prosciutto Rucola which is a thin crust pizza with a tomato base and topped with Italian parma ham and rockets leaves. The crust was crispy and the ham was not overly salty. The balance of flavour was just enjoyable to consume.

essen-two-wings essen-salted-egg-wings essen-chilli-crab-wings

Then, we tried Two Wings, a stall that specialises in chicken wings and has 2 outlets in Singapore. They served us three different flavours of wings: Original, Salted Egg Yolk and Chilli Crab. The original flavoured wings was served with a special homemade chilli that tasted very much like the chilli sauce you get from a good Hainanese chicken rice stall. The salted egg yolk and chilli crab flavours both lived up to it’s name. All the wings managed to maintain it’s crisp despite the sauce poured over it, we were amazed. We couldn’t stop eating these super delicious wings but we had to move on to our next dish.

essen-kin-khao essen-basil-chicken essen-basil-chicken-2

Last but not least, we tried the Basil Chicken Rice from the Thai stall, Kin Khao. The minced chicken was both sweet and savoury at the same time. Scoop a spoonful of that chicken with the fragrant Thai steamed rice. Yum! Did I mention it was served with a runny sunny side up?


The dining experience here was just great! In Chester’s words:

“It’s just easy and not pretentious.”

So grab your friends and family and head down to Essen at The Pinnacle today! Enjoy great food, great drinks and great company in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Where: 1 Cantonment Road, Unit 01-01, Singapore 080001
Operating Hours: 10.30am to 11pm daily
Contact Information: 6727 6066