Domo Arigato, Mr Yamato


By Jamie Lim

If Taiseng is the oyster of business hubs, then Yamato Izakaya is definitely the pearl of Japanese cuisine in the area. Offering a uniquely Japanese concept, Yamato is the umbrella that shelters Man Man Unagi, Ramen Hitoyoshi, and Tora Tora. 

First thing you would notice when stepping into the restaurant would be the luxury of space that most Japanese restaurants rarely affords you. The owner of Yamato had the bold vision of bringing Singaporeans a unique Japanese dining experience with a touch of Chinese hospitality. He envisioned a family gathered on the same table, able to order various types of Japanese delights, and enjoying it in each other’s company. 

Man Man Unagi

Man Man Unagi is known for their Michelin bib gourmand unagi rice bowls. Freshly imported from the Mikawa Isshiki Town of Aichi prefecture in Japan, the quality of the unagi can be guaranteed. The unagi is freshly made on demand and chargrilled to perfection. Man Man’s unagi gives a slightly crispy exterior and yet, uncompromising moisture that locks within the delectable fresh water eel. The sauce is deeply absorbed through the process of slow grill, every bite is bound to leave you wanting more. 

Hailed from Nagoya, this traditional dish, Hitsumabushi($29.50) has four ways of being eaten. Served with an extra bowl on the side, you can scoop out the portion of the dish you would like to enjoy, the way you like it to.

My personal favourite would be enjoying it with the nori, spring onion and dashi. The unagi maintains its sweet crunchiness while the rice soaks up the flavour of the light dashi, adding a subtle savoury taste to the sweet tang of unagi sauce. One other way of eating it, of course would be the enjoying it on its own. And the other would be to mix and match the given sauce (Unagi, Spicy, Sweet). Here is a quick tutorial on the various ways of enjoying the dish

Ramen Hitoyoshi

For the ramen, I opted for the Tonkotsu ramen with all the toppings($15.90), and it came with a generous slice of torched chashu. The broth of the tonkotsu boasts a deep flavour and takes an arduous 8-10 hours to prepare. With the noodles and broth both made in-house, the umami depth of the ramen broth tantalises your taste buds and leave you craving for more, while the noodles act as a palate cleanser with every slurp of the soup.

Tora Tora

The ‘Futago’ concept from Tora Tora truly sets Yamato apart from other restaurants that serves Donburi. Similar to the ‘yuan yang’ idea that so many Chinese restaurants offer, Tora Tora allows its patrons to enjoy 2 different type of flavours in one serving. I was recommended the seasonal bowl of Futago Don that is a Kaisendon with Amaebi & Uni + Sweet and Sour Chicken($29.90). Generously based with perfectly sliced maguro, salmon and Ikura, the Kaisendon is topped with spotted prawns and fresh sea urchin. The sweet and sour chicken is reminiscent of the sort of Tze char flavour that most locals will be familiar with. I personally enjoyed the novelty of being able to alternate flavours between each mouthful of food. Yummy yummy in my tummy tummy indeed!

I was pleasant surprised to find out that the menu from Yamato Izakaya changes seasonally. The chefs at all three dining concepts are constantly crafting new ways to shake up the dining experience for the patrons.

This is definitely a place that is versatile enough to accommodate occasions that involves big groups or just a random day to satisfy your cravings for Japanese food. The prices are economical and the food is definitely top notch. So head on down to try it for yourself today!

Address: 65 Ubi Road 1, #01-92 Oxley Bizhub, 408729

Opening Hours: Monday 11:30AM–3:30PM, 6–10:30PM Tuesday 11:30AM–3:30PM, 6–10:30PM Wednesday 11:30AM–3:30PM, 6–10:30PM Thursday 11:30AM–3:30PM, 6–10:30PM Friday 11:30AM–3:30PM, 6–10:30PM Saturday 11:30AM–3:30PM, 6–10:30PM Sunday 11:30AM–3:30PM, 6–10:30PM

Nearest MRT: Tai Seng


Contact: Email: Phone: (+65) 6935 2925