Egg-cited for Singapore’s First Gudetama Cafe? Here’s What to Expect!

Head down and hang out with the laziest egg you’ll ever meet!


By delsar


Gudetama Cafe Singapore was only made possible thanks to the collaboration of Joe & Dough and The Soup Spoon. With their 4 months of hard work and working with Little Miss Bento, they were finally able to bring this cafe to life!

gudetama-mascot gudetama-dish

Let us start by sharing with you more about the Gudetama cafe in Singapore. Mint leaves are the main prop that Gudetama plays around with here. You can see it holding mint leaves most of the time and that’s actually something special and unique only to Singapore. Mint leaves were chosen as Singapore is a tropical country and it’s very hot. So Gudetama is actually using the leave to shelter itself from the rain and sun! Mint leaves also has a cooling effect for our summer season all year round.

gudetama-egg-tray gudetama-seats gudetama-sign

There are two sides to this cafe. For the main dining area, the interior of the whole place was decorated with food inspired displays. As Gudetama is an egg, it interacts with food. So you can see the tables in the shape of an egg tray or waffles hanging from the ceilings. On the other side, it is more tropical, gardeney and very inline with the theme that they have.

gudetama-board gudetama-food

Another special trait of Singapore’s Gudetama is that it’s very Singaporean, it actually speaks Singlish! You’ll notice that some of the cakes actually says “nua” or ‘bo chup’. Singapore’s Gudetama is also trying to convey the message that although being a chill and lazy character, you don’t necessarily have to be negative. Actually, Gudetama is quite morbid. Even though it’s going to get eaten, Gudetama still interacts with food, rolls around, covers itself with blankets of ham and bacon or even smoked salmon, without worrying about a thing. So it’s about the outlook in life and it teaches us the theory of #YOLO (You Only Live Once).


Let’s look at some of the food we tried. Firstly, we had the Gudetama Lobster Onsen. It’s lobster bisque served in a bread bowl and topped with a poached egg with a side of garden vegetables. The bisque was rich and full of flavour, the bread bowl was crispy and the poached egg was cooked to perfection! Every mouthful of the bisque was just so satisfying!


Next, we had Rib-“I” Don’t Care. They chargrilled New Zealand grass-fed Angus Ribeye Steak and topped it with creamy wild mushroom sauce. This dish was served alongside a potato mash and grilled vegetables. We ordered a medium steak that was so tender and the mushroom sauce added a smooth and fragrant layer to the meat. The potato mash also gave a nice contrast of texture to the whole dish.


Then, we were served with “Shiok” Pork Ribs which was slow-cooked tender St. Louis style pork ribs drizzled with smoky BBQ sauce served with chunky fries, grilled corn and garden vegetables. It was definitely SHIOK! The sauce coated the ribs and gave it a nice sweetness to it. You’ll go from one rib to another without stopping!

gudetama-tamago gudetama-tamago-cu

For desserts, we had TA-MA-GO. This super ‘kawaii’ sushi cheesecake is coated with rice puffs and topped with an egg sponge with a side of matcha curd and maple syrup. The matcha curd acted as the wasabi while the maple syrup was like the soy sauce. The cheesecake was creamy and light while the egg sponge and rice puffs added layers of texture to the whole dessert.


Lastly, we tried their drink, Straw-Very “Lazy”. This strawberry infused rose tea was spruced up with blueberries and lychees. The drink was refreshing and it even comes with a cute little Gudetama on the straw!


Gudetama Cafe Singapore will be open to the public on the 30th of November. So head down and hang out with the laziest egg you’ll ever meet!

Where: Suntec City Mall, #01-361/362/363/364 (West Wing), 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983
Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday – 9am to 10pm, Friday to Sunday – 8am to 10pm
Contact Information: