What To Expect on Brotzeit’s Christmas Menu This Year!

Celebrate Christmas with a traditional German meal this year!


By delsar


We were invited to try the festive menu for Brotzeit’s German Bier Bar and Restaurant this year and it was amazing! This year’s traditional German Fröhliche (Jolly) Christmas dishes were prepared by award winning chef, Wolfgang Ranner.

1. Seafood Medley ($25)


This appetising cold platter is a great way to start out your meal. This platter has smoked trout, salmon gravlax, anchovies and breaded prawns with caramelized lemon, horseradish cream and pickled olives.

2. Venison Steak ($42)


This venison steak is served with almond-potato dumplings and bacon-wrapped asparagus. The almond-potato dumplings has an unexpected texture. It was chewy! This is actually one of Brotzeit’s signature dish. The venison was super tender as it was cooked to medium rare.

3. Braised Duck and Cranberry Sauce ($32)


This tender duck fell off the bones the moment you tear off the meat. The duck was well braised and had all the fragrance locked into it. This was also served with the almond-potato dumplings and red cabbage. Red cabbage is made by marinating the cabbage with cinnamon, sugar, orange, apple, salt, pepper and red wine. The cabbage is put aside for the flavours to enter before cooking.

4. Lamb Shank ($36)


The lamb shank was served alongside with red cabbage and truffle mash that has deep fried onions that added more flavour to the already fragrant potatoes. The lamb shank was marinated for 12 to 18 hours in spices and slow braised for 2 and a half hours. The cooking process takes time to preserve its taste. No wonder it fell off it’s bones when you pry it lightly. The best part is that there was no pungent smell of the lamb.

5. Crispy Pork Belly Roulade ($32)


The pork belly was infused with herbs and slow-roasted. The proportion of meat and fat were just right. The dish was topped with crisp crackling skin. This dish was paired with creamy potato gratin, roasted vegetables and drizzled with a beer-infused sauce. The potato gratin was made with potato slices that were slice one by one by hand and cooked in béchamel. Each layer of potato was spread with a layer of béchamel and cheese. Then, the dish is put into the oven for 40 minutes till it turns golden brown. The temperature control is really important for this dish. Time consuming as it is, there is no short cut for making this delicious potato gratin!

6. Christmas Sharing Platter ($118)


Combining Brotzeit’s signature Roast Pork Knuckle, Veal and Venison Sausages, Roast Pork Roulade and Lamb Shank, with side dishes like seasonal vegetables, mash potato and almond-potato dumplings to provide a satisfying meal for 4 pax and above.

7. Choco Drizzled Waffles ($12)


This thick Belgium waffles is served with walnut ice cream, plum sauce and drizzled with molten chocolate. On the side, you also have three types of cookies: Cinnamon, Hazelnut and Cranberry.

8. Gluehwein ($12)


This is a mulled wine that is spiced with cinnamon, fruity tea bags, fresh oranges, fresh lemons, cloves and a shot of Bacardi rum. This drink is served hot and it is perfect for the winter and is great for the body. The rim of the cup is also coated with sugar with balances out the acidity of the drink. As the alcohol is being cooked off, this wine does not get you drunk so easily.


Brotzeit’s Christmas menu is already out now so you can head down today to celebrate this joyous occasion with these truly German Christmas flavour accompanied by your family!

Special thanks to 313@Somerset Brotzeit for having us over!

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