By Marian Govin

A common problem most of us face when planning a party or gathering is finding the ideal location to host it at. Is there going to be food? Is there enough space for everyone? What if I want a stage? Locations that allow you to customise it fully to your liking are hard to find on our sunny little island. Hard, but not impossible. If you are on the hunt for the perfect spot to host your party, then you should definitely check out City Beach Resort!

Nestled in the depths of Labrador Park, this secluded and serene spot is perfect for any gatherings whether big or small! Remember the recent hipster market event, “Let’s Go Jalan Jalan”? Yes, that’s the space in question here! A variety of spaces and rooms are available for you to customise and arrange to what will most suit your needs, and you’re basically working with a blank canvas!

City Beach Resort offers a space like none other

City Beach Resort is a resort for tourists to come to and relax after a busy day taking in all the sights. Businessmen and corporate giants can also host their formal events or conference meetings in the conference rooms available as well! Combining the best of natural beauty and city vibrance, the resort proves to be the ideal location for various events be it formal or casual.

If you are looking for a wide open area for your guests to party away under the stars, a rooftop area is available for you to dance the night away! Looking for an air conditioned area but with enough space to jump and play around? Then choose between their many various options of indoor spaces such as their conference rooms and or functions rooms! With fully customisable areas, you can set the ambience by decorating the rooms according to your theme. With ample space to hold your guests, a food line and maybe even a dance floor, you can go wild!

Looking for that perfect outdoor wedding spot? With plenty of greenery surrounding you and the sounds of the sea to accompany your wedding vows? That’s exactly what you can get at the resort! All around you, you can hear the wonderful sounds of nature and let the fresh air fill your lungs as you celebrate your special day with your loved ones. Exchange your vows with the backdrop of the sea, and let the sun set as you and your partner enjoy your first dance. What can get more romantic than that!

Customise the space to your preference and do what you wish!

Now what if you are looking at something on a larger scale, like a flea market or a food fair? Then set up your tentage at their open space which is able to hold thousands of people! With the space locked down, all you have to do left is get the tenants and start inviting your guests over! With the luxury of space, you are able to do what you please and accommodate to any specific needs of you or your clients!

With event spaces always comes in the question of food options. Many event spaces require you to bring in your own caterer with little to none food options provided. With bigger spaces also mean that the availability of food options nearby are also less. At City Beach Resort, not only will you get the event space of your dreams, but you will be able to dine nearby too! Located right beside it is Three Peacocks, a seafood bbq buffet with a wide spread of fresh seafood and meats available.Despite the secluded area, Three Peacocks is not over priced and is actually pretty affordable! They are constantly increasing their spread so you can always sit down at a restaurant and chill once your event is over!

The options are endless with a space this versatile

With the tranquil winds of the sea, and the lush sounds of nature surrounding the entire resort, you can actually feel like you are out of Singapore for a bit! Take a short drive out and you can reach the city area with malls like Alexandra Retail Centre and Vivo City all nearby. No need to hunt down for event spaces anymore, City Beach Resort can house your every need!

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