Dookki: Singapore’s First Tteokbokki Buffet at Suntec City


By weijing

Dookki” means two meals in Korea and one would start the first meal with a Korean hotpot style, and end off with kimchi fried rice. This is the concept which the restaurant lives by. For only $18.80++ at Dookki Singapore @ Suntec, one gets to enjoy a tteokbokki buffet with an unlimited serving of rice cakes, noodles, fried food and drinks.

Dookki Singapore: Korean Tteokbokki Buffet

First, you would create your own sauce concoction, based on your spicy preference. There’s even a guide provided.

Dookki Singapore: Menu

Next, the sauce can be poured into the soup stock. As the stock boils, you can use the metal bowl to collect the rice cakes, noodles and vegetable ingredients.

Dookki: Singapore's First Tteokbokki Buffet

There are 8 types of tteok (rice cakes), from traditional tteok to sweet potato or cheese ones. The most common type of tteok is the long cylindrical rice cake sticks, which absorbs the tteokbokki sauce better. The most interesting one are the cheese tteok, which would ooze out the cheese fillings when they get boiled.

Dookki Singapore: Ingredients

There are even different types of noodles to choose from, other than ramyeon.

Dookki Singapore

After boiling all the ingredients in the soup, you would get a Korean army stew like this!

Dookki Singapore: Korean Army Stew

After our first meal, we proceeded with cooking our fried rice. The sauce left behind by the army stew would become starchier as it was boiled longer. It can then be used to fry the fried rice. The fried rice is prepared by frying the sauce, kimchi, corn and sesame oil.

Dookki Singapore: Kimchi Fried Rice

For cheese-lover fans out there, there’s even a double cheese ring for dipping at the price of $9.80++!

Dookki Singapore: Double Cheese Ring

There are also fried side dishes like sweet potato, fishcake, chicken etc. The best part is the Eomuk station where you can get hot sticks of boiled Korean fishcake boiled. You can even adjust the broth with the soy sauce at the side. It is a very fun and interesting experience if you have not been to Korea before!

Lastly, if you still have space for a third meal, you can choose from the wide array of ramyeon!

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Dooki and it is a unique experience you would never forget!

Dookki Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard, #B1-107, Singapore 038984
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
Tel: 6266 2425