By weijing

The highly anticipated pop-up Thai market from Bangkok is finally here! With 500 unique stalls, you will definitely be awed by the variety of food, fashion and hipster trinkets housed in the recycled containers. The market is booming with energy, live music and bustling with youths.

Foodies, hold up! This is definitely the place for you! There is a wide array of desserts and savoury food- you don’t even know where to begin! As you manoeuvre your way through the crowd, be sure to keep a look out for these delicious treats!

1. Tipsy Bull

The foie gras butter grilled steak is definitely a must try! The juicy meat is cooked nicely, with a tinge of herbs and spices. The salad is also a nice side dish to go along with it.

2. Ramly burger

Bet you’re surprised to see this local dish here at a Thai market! If you’re craving for some local market food, fret not! The ramly grilled patty is here to satisfy your cravings! It definitely does not pale in comparison to the Thai delicacies, as the patty is also grilled to perfection!

3. Easy Egg

What’s more satisfying to see these delicious eggs being cooked right before our eyes? These mentaiko quail eggs and wanton quail eggs are must-try dishes at this store!

Moving through the crowd and walking in such a sweltering weather, you will soon be craving for some desserts. At Artbox, there are so many to choose from. For the sweet tooth, you will surely be spoilt for choice!

4. The Talad Drink

We tried the Ah Chan Lemonade and it was so refreshing and good! A blue lagoon drink with lemonade- it is not only instagram-worthy, but can also quench your thirst in the hot weather!

5. Loco Loco

Dipped with chocolate sauce, the assorted churros are definitely a must try here!

6. Thai Desserts

What’s a Thai Market without Thai Milk Tea and Coconut Ice Cream? Not only are they refreshing, they are instagrammable and will definitely be worth up on your Instagram grids! Want an infusion dessert? You can try the egglet with coconut ice cream!

7. Swag Blood Potion

Along the first row of stores at the entrance, you will definitely see a queue for this store! With fizzy coloured drink stored in blood bags, its definitely a unique experience for an affordable price! The blue drink is called Angel’s Blood while the green one is Goblin’s blood.

8. Coroyo Singapore

Here at Artbox, you can check out the latest hype food- Dragon’s Breath made with liquid nitrogen. Something up your instagram again!

9. The Wicked Cream

Hanging out with a group of friends? The rock melon bowl is a dessert suitable for sharing! Topped with nuts, coconut flakes and pop pearls, it tantalises your taste bud and perks you up to enjoy the rest of the night!

With DBS as its title sponsor, Artbox Singapore is said to be the largest hipster market thus far. Be prepared to brave the crowds and sweat your guts out as you embark on your foodie hunt! Try to visit the market earlier as the crowd usually draws in as dusk falls. If you’re looking for a place to fuel your shopping addiction and instagrammable food to go up your grids, this is definitely a place for you to visit this weekend! This event will span from 21-23rd April 2017, from 3-11pm at the Bayfront Event Space. See you there!