Hungry for more at the Singapore Night Festival? Fill your tummies at the Festival Village


By Marian Govin

After an hour or so of walking around the exhibits at the Singapore Night Festival and you can hear your tummy starting to rumble? Well fret not, the Festival Village opens up this weekend and here is your ultimate guide to what are some bites you can look out for.


Ah Tan Wings 
You might have caught them at the recent Outdoor Festival, or maybe heard your friend rave about their famous Har Cheong Kai wings. This is your chance to try the crustiest Har Cheong Kai in Singapore. Fried to perfection, and paired with an stunning chilli sauce, Ah Tan wings are definitely worth the wait. Expect to see large queues at their stall this weekend, so make sure you start queuing early to avoid disappointment.


Loco Loco 
Feast yourself to a wide array of churros from Loco Loco, and munch away as you enjoy the various exhibits. A handy to-go snack, Loco Loco’s Churros are served in bite sized pieces in takeaway cups for easy convenience. Bite into these little pieces of heaven and keer your energy going for the rest of the night!


The Raclette Factory
This isn’t exactly a new sight but definitely one that will still make many go crazy. Get your serving of potato and sausages, slathered over with cheese. Just looking at the cheese oozing over the dish is enough to make anyone’s stomach rumble.


The Rojak Kaki 
Feeling for some local fare instead of all the hipster food? You’ll be surprised to know that there is Rojak at the Night Fest. Get yourself a serving of our local fruit salad at The Rojak Kaki and warm your tummy with a bowl made with love.


25 Degrees 
Bite into a hearty burger and get your fill of the classic American fare. These juicy burgers are here sure to satisfy any hungry man but definitely one shop that you shouldn’t miss out on.

credits: Singapore Night Festival

The list of shops is endless as the Festival Village and there is bound to be something to fill up anyone’s tummy. Treat your tummy and your eyes to the amazing display at the Singapore Night Festival, 18th-26th August, 6pm – 12mn.

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