Lunar Event Like No Other, Brace Yourself for the Super Blue Blood Moon


By kopifolks


Lunar Eclipse, Blue Moon and Super Moon align for the first time since 152 years ago, in 1866.
Also known as the Super Blue Total Lunar Eclipse, here’s a brief description of these three unusual lunar events.


Super Moon

The full moon that appears larger and brighter than usual, resulted by its closest approach to the earth.

Lunar Eclipse

Also known as the blood moon, the full moon enters Earth’s shadow, presenting a beautiful red hue.

Credits: Getty Images

Blue Moon

One month typically only has one full moon. The rarity of a second full moon of the month is where you get the phrase “once in a blue moon”.

According to Science Centre Singapore, this astronomical event can be witnessed in Singapore this evening, starting with a partial eclipse at 7:48PM. So have your dinner outside and admire this possibly-once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon.