The Masses- Affordable Food below $20

If you're looking for a cheap yet atas place for a date, The Masses would be the place to go!


By weijing

Tel: +65 6266 0061
Opening Hours:
12:00pm – 9:30pm (Mon, Tues, Fri),
12:00pm – 12:00am (Wed, Fri, Sat),
12:00pm – 9:00pm (Sun)

Opened by Saveur’s co-founderDylan Ong, The Masses hopes to sell high-quality food for an affordable price. Most of the items are priced below $20, isn’t that a good deal? 🙂


We started off with The Egg ($9) which was steamed egg combined with homemade potato chips, ikura and tobiko. This dish is available in both hot and cold and the hot version really resembled that of the Japanese chawanmushi. The potato chips were thin and crisp and just provided another texture to the dish. Even though this was just the starter, we were already greatly impressed!

Next up, we tried the Agus Frementle Octopus Tentacle ($14.90) which was grilled with kombu butter over binchotan, a special charcoal from Japan. It was served together with pickled lotus root and gochujang aioli sauce.

For Foie Gras lovers, you are able to have a taste of the heavenly dish for an affordable price of $12 for single (50g) and $19  for shared (100g)It was my first time trying foie gras and I was slightly hesitant. However, as it was seasoned with brioche, mixed berry compote and even served with granola, the whole dish just went really well and appealing to my taste buds! Before we knew it, we had gulped down the entire dish!

Moving on to the mains, the C&C Pasta ($9 for appetiser, $14.50 for mains) is a must try! It comes with a generous serving of crab meat and caviar.

We also tried the Salmon Confit which is soft raw salmon thick slices served with confit tomato and pineapple. For only $12.90, one is able get multiple thick slice of salmon, isn’t it worth it!

Another must try for the mains would be the Duck Leg Confit ($12.90). It was seasoned well with foie gras sauce and came along with croquette and candied orange.

Duroc Pork Loin ($15) is another must try. Though the pork was slightly too hard and dry, the truffle scrambled eggs complemented the dish, along with plums and chicharron.

Lastly, for the mains, the US Black Angus Striploin ($22.90) is a must try! Served along with potato mille rouille and organic watercress salad, the dish just highlights the entire meal.


For the drinks, we tried the Cosmopolitan ($13), Seven Wonders ($16) which is a watermelon mixed tequila, Lemon and Lime Mocktail ($7) and Kombucha which is fermented pineapple alcoholic drink for only $7. All drinks are made in house.


For desserts, we absolutely loved the Valrhona (66%) Dark Chocolate Mousse ($10.90) which was a dark chocolate ice cream served with berries. Its presentation was not only interesting, the taste did not disappoint as well! A bittersweet after taste of the dark chocolate mousse is really memorable.

For the adventurous, you can try the Deep-fried Camembert ($8.90) which is a yoghurt ice cream served with gula Melaka granola and fruit enzyme. One would never ever know that yoghurt can go so well with fried food!

We are glad to say that the quality and creativity of the dishes have surpassed our expectations and we would highly recommend this place for dates, group gatherings or just for a simple meal for an affordable price!

85 Beach Road #01-02 Singapore 189694
+65 6266 0061
Opening Hours:
12:00pm – 9:30pm (Mon, Tues, Fri), 12:00pm – 12:00am (Wed, Fri, Sat), 12:00pm – 9:00pm (Sun)