New Themed Cafe in 2017: Cinnamoroll x Kumoya

A halal themed cafe


By weijing

Calling out to all Cinnamoroll fans out there, from 17 May 2017 to 13 August 2017, your favourite Sanrio character is floating into Singapore and landing in Kumoya (8 Jalan Klapa) for a pop-up collaboration. This collaboration with Kumoya, Singapore’s first Halal-certified Japanese-French café is to mark Cinnamoroll’s 15th anniversary.


Cinnamoroll is a character crated by Sanrio and has been consistently ranked TOP 5 among Sanrio Characters for the past five years. It is a white puppy with long ears, blue eyes, pink cheeks and a plump and curly tail that resembles a cinnamon roll. He was born on a cloud has even starred in his own manga series, an anime movie and appeared in many animation shorts.

The whole experience is designed to be a wonderful hit for fans of this cute fluffy character, and is further enhanced with the specially commissioned Cinnamoroll theme décor at Kumoya. Each table is accompanied by a huge cinamoroll plush toy.

For you lucky fans out there, a delicious special limited-time menu has been curated and styled by Shirley Wong (@Little Miss Bento) together with the kitchen team at Kumoya. The selected Main Courses, Desserts and Beverages all carry the themed Cinnamoroll character.


For the mains, we would recommend trying the signature Fluffy Dreams Japanese Curry Rice ($21.90). The salmon tempura are fresh and the dish is accompanied by Kumoya’s signature Japanese curry sauce and mixed salad with cherry tomato. The curry sauce is sweet and not too spicy, going very well with the rice. The cinnamoroll-shaped rice ball is very cute but it is slightly too sticky and does not have much texture to it.

Another mains to try would be the Flying Clouds Cinamoroll Burger ($17.90) where a crispy chicken katsu is sandwiched between crunchy vegetables and fresh tomato on cute Cinnamoroll mantou buns. The mantou buns are sweet, giving the burger a different flavour. It is served with potato chips with nacho cheese and chicken ham, fish cakes and mixed salad. The ham and fish cakes are heart-shaped and cloud-shaped respectively, giving the dish a very adorable touch.

The last mains we tried was the Flappy Flappy Heart Chicken Karaage with Waffles ($19.90). The waffles are sweet and buttery and when paired together with the chicken karaage and in-house sweet shoyu glaze, it was simply delicious! We were pretty amazed by this dish because who would have thought chicken would go so well with waffles? This dish is highly recommended!


To complement the mains, a beverage to try would be the Cutie Cutie Special Cinnamoroll Blue Soda ($14.90). By pouring the soda over the cotton candy, the cotton candy would melt, making it super instagram-worthy. There are also nata de coco in the blue soda, giving the drink another texture to it.

Our favourite was the Sweet Fluffy Dreams Rose Tea ($13.90) which is a special cold butterfly pea-flower rose tea served with a giant cotton candy cloud. Upon stirring the drink, the gradient in the drink would disappear, causing the colour of the drink to change as well! We love the faint rose taste in the drink However, this is NOT suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

For caffeine lovers, there is also Floaty Cloud Iced Cafe Latte ($9.90, below) and Kiss Me Sweet Café Latte ($8.90).


Lastly, for desserts, we tried the Cinnamoroll Berries Fantasy Parfait ($17.90) where there is a special double swirl parfait, soft soufflé cheesecake, mixed berries and limited-edition macarons. It is also served with specially concocted Blue Lagoon sauce and fluffy cotton candy.

Another dessert to try is Fly-in-the Clouds Yuzu Chiffon Cake ($15.90). It is a yuzu infused chiffon cake, accompanied by fresh cream with mixed berries and fluffy cotton candy.

Our overall experience in this cafe is great and as Kumoya is a small cafe, it gives a cosy and cuddly feeling with spot-on decor and a photo booth outside. One thing to note is that there is a minimum spending of $10 per person (hmm, but a latte already costs $8.90), and the café may limit dining time to 90 minutes depending on the crowd.

Be sure to check this out before it gets too crowded!

Address: 8 Jalan Klapa Singapore 199320
Opening Hours:
12:00pm – 9:30pm (Tue – Fri, Sun), 12:00pm – 10.30pm (Sat), Closed Mon