A Noodle Story – This is a Story about Noodles

Once upon a time, there is a hawker stall called A Noodle Story. It sells a unique form of ramen with a Singaporean twist to it.


By shani

With its unique and scrumptious food, the news spread like wildfire, and everyone in Amoy Street started making a beeline for it. Soon, their hard work was brought to light and they were rewarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand. And everyone lived happily ever after. Just kidding.

If you haven’t already heard, A Noodle Story sells the one-of-a-kind Singapore-style ramen. Its unique dish makes it stand out from its competitors even though it’s located at the renowned Amoy Street Food Centre. If there is anything I have to say about the hawker stall owners, it’s dedication. With their humble beginnings, it is clear why customers just keep coming to this food stall — its consistency. Every dish is made wholeheartedly by the hawkers, ensuring that every bit of ingredient is cooked to perfection.

Singapore-Style Ramen: Small-$7, Medium-$9

This bowl looks deceivingly like a ramen, but it’s everything you would want from a typical Singaporean bowl of noodles. It is actually Hong Kong wanton noodles, sprinkled with dried shrimp powder, which gave the noodles more flavour. The Japanese ramen part about this would have to be the egg, and I meant the egg. It is the Japanese marinated soft boiled egg usually found inside a ramen. The egg yolk is runny as expected. The potato-crisp-covered prawn was unexpectedly tasty, as its crispiness on the outside gives the dull prawn the magic touch it needed. Of course, there is also the pork meat inside the bowl of noodles, like any other ramen has, which is both juicy and delectable.

Side(s): HK-Style Wanton ($4)

A bowl of HK-style wanton with soup at the side that was served, which is basically our normal steamed wanton but classier.

Sides: Tender Cha-Su ($4), Hot Spring Egg ($4), Potato-Wrapped Prawn ($4)

If you can’t get enough of the ingredients, you can add some sides which include the tender and tasty cha-su, runny hot spring egg and/or the crispy potato-wrapped prawn for $4 each!


7 Maxwell Rd #01-39
Singapore 069111
Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday: 11:15am-2:30pm; 5:30pm-7:30pm
Saturday: 10:30am-1:30pm
Closed on Sundays
Nearest MRT Stations:
Tanjong Pagar; Downtown