Owen Road Gems: Shiberty Bakes


By weijing

Opened by influencer Jessica Loh, Shiberty Bakes is a small cafe along Owen Road selling instagrammable yet delicious cakes and pastries. Although she is only in her 20s, Jessica has achieved a remarkable feat of both juggling her career and opening a cafe. The quality and presentation of the food did not fail to disappoint. The interior of the cafe is minimalist and we love it how the sunlight shines in, providing a very soft and clean touch to the cafe’s design.

Savoury Menu

This May, Shiberty Bakes would be launching a savoury menu. The first dish we tried was the Maple Paprika Wings. It had a sweet taste to it and tasted almost like Korean Fried Chicken! One of our favourite dish here!

The second dish was the Kimchi Pizza. As interesting as the name sounds, this pizza has a sweet yet sour taste to it. It was our first time trying out such a unique twist to this usual dish. The crust is thin, allowing one to really taste the pizza toppings.

Next up was the Truffle Mushroom Bacon Pasta which had a generous serving of truffle. The pasta sauce was not too thick and starchy, and didn’t give the “gelat” filling.

The last savoury mains we tried was the Baked Eggs. It was another interesting dish for us. Topped with baked melted cheese and tomato sauce, the layer below was filled with baked boiled eggs which surprisingly went well with the sauce. It is recommended to share for this dish.


For the desserts, we got to try the Shiberty Speculoos Toast which was really our favourite! It is rare to find such flavoured toast and it really didn’t disappoint! Not only does it look nice and instagrammable, the toast was crispy and topped with well-flavoured speculoos ice cream.

For the less adventurous, you can try the Churros Waffles which is a waffle made out of churros, topped with ice cream.

We also got to tried the macaroons which are highly raved here. Earl Grey and Ferrero are the highly recommended flavours to try.


As for the drinks, we tried the Matcha Milkshake which is totally over the top and picture-worthy. It was smooth and light, with a slight matcha taste to it. Totally recommended for matcha lovers out there!

All in all, our experience here was great! We thoroughly enjoyed the food here because each dish has such an interesting twist to it. The quality of the food did not disappoint or pale in comparison to its presentation. This cafe is highly recommended for the basic girls out there who wants to take ootd shots and instagrammable food!