Why Rabbit Owl Depot Would Be the Next Bugis Dessert Hideout


By weijing

Located opposite the National Library, this dessert parlour sits in a quiet corner along North Bridge Road. You’ll be greeted by owl and rabbit mini figurines along with some wooden decor. Its setting is simple yet cosy. Its quality of food is really a die for, especially so when everything is handmade! It is famous for its snowflake waffles and artisan ice cream.

This May, the cafe is launching several new dishes, as well as breakfast sets! The first new dish we tried was the Bamboo Charcoal Smores Snowflakes Waffles ($8.50). It was simply delicious and the chocolate-infused dish would go really well with just a scoop of ice cream.

Another new dessert would be the Double Croffles with Oreo crumbs, strawberry and wildflower honey ($10.90). Croffles is a special pastry shaped like waffles but made with the croissant texture. The wildflower honey and Oreo crumbs gave a sweet and crunchy texture to the dish.

The Dark Chocolate Brownie with Espresso Butterscotch ($5) is another must-try. The brownie had a crispy crust and I really loved it! The espresso butterscotch drizzle adds a caramel yet slightly bitter taste to the brownie and the combination is just perfect! Suprisingly, it isn’t too sweet!

The cafe is also launching 3 new breakfast sets, served along with tea or coffee. The first one we tried was the Tuna Flaked Mayo Croffles set with black coffee or English breakfast tea ($8.90).

The second one was the Classic Egg Mayo with black coffee or English breakfast tea ($7.90).

My favourite was the Turkey Ham & Cheese with black coffee or English breakfast tea ($8.90). The turkey ham was well grilled and gave the dish a smoky taste.

Their ice cream are all handmade and they are surprisingly rich and creamy! We tried the Thai Coconut, Honey and Milk, Cookie Buttercrumb  and Strawberry Cheesecake (from right left). A platter of 4 scoops costs about $14. The Thai Coconut has a strong milky taste to it and is particularly refreshing! My favourite is the Cookie Buttercrumb because it tastes just like the Lotus Biscuit, giving it a rich caramelised flavour.

Lastly, for the drinks, we were served the Earl Grey Latte ($5.50) and Pink Bunny Shake ($8.50). The latte was not too strong and had a fragrant Earl Grey aftertaste to it. The latter is made with fresh strawberry and ice cream. It is not too sweet and doesn’t make you feel bloated despite gulping down one whole cup by yourself! Hence, this is highly recommended and one of the best milkshake I have ever tasted!

My experience at this cafe is really a wonderful one and customers are always served desserts of high quality. It is definitely worth making a trip down here or coming here for a short break after a long day of studying in NLB across the road!