The 15cm PABLO Cheese Tarts are finally here in Singapore!

Japan's popular PABLO Cheese Tarts has finally arrived in Singapore and it's worth all the hype!


By shani

With 38 stores in Japan, and 9 stores worldwide, PABLO Cheese Tart Cafe just opened its first branch here at Wisma Atria Shopping Mall! Fans of cheese tarts have been queueing at the newly launched outlet from as early as 9am! The renowned tarts had officially gone on sale at 12noon today and everyone is going crazy over it! The ambience of the cafe is simple and chic with a tinge of kawaii-ness from the staff (more on that later). You must be thinking, it’s just cheese tarts, so what is the craze about?

These are no ordinary cheese tarts. PABLO probably has the biggest cheese tarts you might have ever seen because they are 15cm in diameter! It comes in three different flavours: signature cheese flavour ($15), matcha cheese flavour with shiratama mochi and azuki beans ($18) as well as chocolate cheese flavour ($18). You can also get the Freshly Baked Cheese Tart set ($9.50) which includes one slice of the cheese tart along with tea or coffee!

Pictured above is just one slice of the whole tart! If you’re not a big-eater, one slice might just be enough for you. This cheese tart is baked to perfection. The cheesy core of the tart just oozes out when you cut it, and a bite of it just tastes so heavenly. This is the kind of cheese tart that melts in your mouth and make you smile, because I did when I tried it. The crust is also flaky and buttery which balances out with the creamy, cheesy core. That is what the hype is about, and it’s worth it.

Of course, they also sell mini cheese tarts (which is the size of the normal tarts you’re used to) which costs $3.50 each! You can also get the chocolate and matcha flavoured ones which costs $3.80 each! If you choose to dine inside their cafe, you can order the Pablo Mini Set ($8.90) which includes one mini cheese tart along with coffee or tea. You can even get other cheesy food items there like cheese soft serve ($3.90) and cheese tart smoothie ($7.80).

Their staff are also dressed in an adorable checkered shirt and a hat, all colour-coded with PABLO’s signature colours blue and yellow. I can’t help but think they look like minions at work. Not only because of their uniform, but their friendly and cheerful vibes as well!The CEO and Founder of PABLO Japan as well as the CEO of PABLO Singapore were here for the opening ceremony of the PABLO Cheese Tart Cafe launch in Singapore. Fun Fact: the tarts were actually inspired by Pablo Picasso! Just like how Picasso was revolutionary in the art world, the founder wanted to create a revolutionary edible piece of art, that brings an element of surprise to customers worldwide. So if you’re a cheese tart lover, join #TheCheeseTartRevolution and head down to PABLO Cheese Tart Cafe now to get a taste of that cheesy goodness!

Wisma Atria Shopping Mall
435 Orchard Road

Opening Hours: 
10am-10pm (Daily)

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