Gelato Monster Spotted in Singapore!

This dessert is so cute you almost can't bear to eat it.


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This dessert is so cute you almost can’t bear to eat it. Eyescream and Friends SG uses a kiosk type of storefront as to align with their original counterpart in Barcelona. With the simple layout and open kitchen concept, people can focus on how great the gelato actually is.

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Brand owner, Mr. Joad Lopez started this brand in Barcelona. He was inspired by a trip to one of Taiwan’s night markets where he saw people serving shaved ice. He then realised that no one in Europe was selling shaved ice and he decided to start up one himself. The combination of western gelato with asian shaved ice became a new innovation.

Thanks to Mr. Delvyn Wong, Eyescream and Friends made its way to Singapore. Although Compass One is their only outlet now, they are looking forward to open another outlet by the end of this year.


Their best selling product is their chocolate complete pack. Pei Jin, the Assistant Marketing Manager of Eyescream and Friends SG said: “I personally don’t have a sweet tooth, but I like the chocolate flavour the best. Because it’s not too much for you. It has a bit of a nutty feeling to it.”. And coming near second is the Cheesecake and Wild Berry Yogurt flavour.


They encourage their customers to customise their own flavours. For example, if you purchase the cheesecake flavoured gelato and pair it with a strawberry topping, you can get your very own strawberry cheesecake ice cream that is quite different to those you buy elsewhere. With the wide range of gelato flavours and choices of toppings, you can sure come up with a lot of fun and exciting creations of your own.

eyescream-and-friends-complete-pack eyescream-and-friends-toppings

Of course, we tried out some of Eyescream and Friends most popular flavours. With the help of the staff, we got to choose the most suitable toppings for each flavour. The gelato are generally not too sweet and the combination of the toppings just gives it another layer of flavour, which is delicious. With a little bit of crunch and a little bit of sauce, you’ll never get sick of the taste!

Their target audience is female customers, age 13-40. They believe that female customers are more inclined to “cute desserts” and they were right!


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In addition to their wide range of shaved gelato flavours, they also serve lollipops that come in five different flavours. They include, Apple, Mango, Banana, Cherry and Cinnamon. Apple and Mango are the best sellers amongst the lollipops. All the lollipops are hand made and delivered all the way from Spain.

Lastly, Eyescream and Friends SG would like to say that:

“The thing about this is, people have tried shaved ice, people have tried gelato, but they’ve never tried both together. It’s actually quite different from the shaved ice you get elsewhere. The texture is different and our flavours are very rich. You can try it for yourself.”

Where: Compass One, 1 Sengkang Square, Singapore 545078
Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm daily
Contact Information: 6376 2862