Goodbye Gongcha, Hello Liho!

All Gongcha outlets will now be replaced by Liho. Singapore's very first CHEESE tea, are you game for it?


By ashley

As news broke of Gong Cha shutting down all it’s outlets in Singapore, Liho outlets were secretly popping up all over Singapore. We decided to take a trip down to see what Liho had to offer! In the order from left to right, here’s what we tried!

Cheese Smoothies ($6.90)

This one-of-a-kind cheese smoothie is the first to enter the Singapore bubble tea scene and is a unique blend of cheese and a sweet concoction. We decided to order the cheese yam smoothie and it was AMAZING! The first few gulps were pure heaven, but you will feel gelat after a while. This drink is definitely better shared with friends!

Cheese Tea ($4.00 to $5.00)

Unlike the cheese smoothie, this drink is much lighter and the perfect drink for anyone just looking to try this new blend out! The cheese sits atop the tea perfectly and you have the choice of mixing it in or drinking them separately.

Liho Royal Milk Guan Yin ($4.50)

The Liho Royal Milk Guan Yin is just like your classic milk tea but more atas. It’s made with the freshest Australian Milk and packs a punch! We added on some grass jelly ($0.70) for added texture and were not dissapointed!

With outlets already opened at Tampines Mall, Bugis Junction and Vivo City, it’s time to bid a dear farewell to Gong Cha and welcome the new king of bubble tea in town, Liho!