11 Weirdest Types of Coffee Around the World

Coffee is something we can't live without, and we are grateful for it.


By delsar

Happy International Coffee Day! The day to celebrate how awesome coffee is. To some of us, coffee is something we can’t live without, and we are grateful for it. The first International coffee day started only in 2015. This special day is celebrated by the members of the International Coffee Organization (ICO). This year, many of the other coffee associations throughout the world will get together to celebrate the second annual International Coffee Day.

“International Coffee Day is a global celebration of coffee’s journey from the farm to your local shop— an opportunity to honour the men and women who grow and harvest the coffee we love.”- International Coffee Organisation.

In honour of this day, we will be sharing with you some of the quirkiest coffee from around the globe!

1. Coffee with Salt


via The Table

Some people add sugar, some people add salt. It’s said to reduce the bitterness of the coffee. Commonly in Turkey, Ethiopia, Siberia, Hungary and Northern Scandinavia.

2. Kopi Joss



If you have stomach aches after a cup of coffee because of the acidity, try this. Coffee with red hot charcoal. Available in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

3. Coffee with Eggs


via MyCoffeeSupply.com

There are many variations of coffee with eggs around the world and some people even made use of the shells.

4. Coffee with citrus


via Pixabay

Commonly found in Brazil and Italy. A coffee we can actually try making at home.

5. Coffee with Spices


via vanabonds

Moroccans love for spices translated into this.

6. Coffee with Vanilla Coke


via Zagat

From San Diego. I actually want to try this.

7. Nitrogen Infused Coffee


via Tech Insider

Started in Portland, Oregon. It’s like carbonated coffee, I wonder if they will consider selling this in a fast food restaurant.

8. Coffee with Butter


via News Everyday

Maybe you are more familiar with the local term Kopi Gu You. Cheap and good.

9. Coffee with Cheese


via Madame Formage

We add butter, Hispanics and Swedes add cheese. All dairy products so I guess it’s the same?

10. Kopi Luwak


via Membangun Bisnis Mandiri

Cat poop coffee, many of us have heard of this, but how many of us really did dare to try?

11. Elephant Dung Coffee


via npr

Since we can drink coffee pooped out by a cat, Thailand realised that this theory works on elephants too. One of the world’s most expensive coffee. This is definitely some expensive crap.

Go grab a cup of coffee today and think about the handwork and effort behind each cup. Let’s be thankful!

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