3 Traditional Bakeries that’ll Make You Reminisce about the Good Ol’ Days

Let's forget about hipster snacks and make traditional snacks trendy again! We've listed down three traditional bakeries in Singapore!


By Marian Govin

Forget hipster pastries and over-the-top confectioneries! Why not celebrate traditional bakeries this National Day and eat classic old school pastries and confectioneries! I mean after all, old is gold. As technology advances and we rely less and less on manual labour, it’s heartening to see that some bakeries still stick to making their snacks wholeheartedly by hand. Here, we’ve listed down three traditional bakeries in Singapore that sells everyone’s beloved old school snacks!

1. Chinatown Tai Chong Kok Confectionary Hue Kee

Started out more than 30 years ago, this family-run business sells confectionaries we all know and love.

They sell crispy and glazed red and green bean pastries that ranges from $2 and below per piece. They even sell almond cookies ($2 per pack/ including GST) which tastes really homely. Mooncakes are also their specialty as they sell the original-flavoured mooncakes in both the normal size and mini ones as well! Their mooncakes are specially handmade, using natural ingredients without preservatives added. They even added olive kernel inside their mooncakes!

You can find lots of old school snacks here, and they are all really cheap too! So if you’re looking for traditional pastries, this place is a must-try!

Blk 122
Bukit Merah Lane 1
Alexandra Village

Opening Hours:
9am to 8pm (Daily)

2. Lek Lim Nyonya Cake Confectionary

Here’s a hidden gem for all you kueh-lovers! All the kuehs here are freshly made, as their kitchen, or shall I say, mini factory is as busy as a bee, preparing orders.

You can find everything sweet and nostalgic here. From Ang Ku Kuehs (Red Tortoise Cake) that comes in three different flavours to the popular Nine-Layer Kuehs, you can find all your favourite childhood snacks here! There’s just something authentic about getting traditional snacks straight from the confectionery shop itself that made these. (P.S. If you’re curious about how they make their ang ku kuehs, you can see the staff making them in action outside the store in the morning!)

Furthermore, we bought a whole packet of different flavoured ang ku keuhs, three nine layer kuehs and one soon kueh and it only costed us $5.50! So if you’re looking for a cheap and good place to buy your favourite kuehs, this shop is a must-visit!

84 Bedok North Street 4

Opening Hours:
6:30am-6pm (Daily)

3. Tong Heng Pastries

Having started as early as the 1920s, this bakery has been passed on and run by the 3rd generation of the family, preserving Singapore’s rich Chinese heritage. Singapore Tourism Board has also approached them to do a replica of their establishment in the early years which can be found in the 3rd level of Chinatown Heritage Centre!

They are, of course, known for their beloved diamond-shaped egg tarts (they are the ones who started this!). Customers stroll in during the peak hours just to get a piece of their egg tarts! Their egg tarts are so popular that the staff in the bakery are solely baking egg tarts in the afternoon due to the high demand. The pastries here are baked hourly so don’t worry because they are all baked fresh from the oven! So what’s so different about these egg tarts? Well, apart from the shape, unlike many other brands, they actually don’t use dairy! What’s more, the soft egg custard don’t taste as jelat as most do, making the whole egg tart eating experience really refreshing.

If you’re looking for a place to indulge in egg tarts, this is the place to go!

285 South Bridge Road
(S) 058833

Opening Hours: 
9am-10pm (Daily)

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