5 Instagram-Worthy Shots To Take With Your Coffee Mugs in CBD Area


By weijing

Working in the CBD area and don’t know how to spend your lunch time? Why not take a step out of your office with your coffee mug in hand and stroll down the Singapore River? Get your phones ready because today we will be sharing with you some quirky image manipulation shots you can take in the CBD area with Husks Ware coffee mugs!

1. Mug on the Boat Doesn’t this look like your mug is sitting on top of the boat?

Shot from: Singapore River

2. Mug on Esplanade Bridge

Shot from: Jubilee Bridge

3. River Merchant Having A Break

Just taking a break after a business talk with other river merchants!

Shot from: Singapore River

4. Waterfall at Marina Bay

Shot from: Merlion Park

5. Catching the Merlion Spews

Shot from: Merlion Park

Ending the series with this iconic shot at the Merlion! Doesn’t this look fun? Bring a friend along and it’s time for you guys to explore the CBD area all the way to Merlion Park! You’ll be awed by the wonders which Singapore brings and how beautiful this Garden City can be. All you need is a friend, some patience, camera and a coffee mug!


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