5 Interesting Local Log Cake Flavours

No Christmas feast is complete without log cakes!


By jiayu

Christmas is almost here and what better way to get in on the festivities than to throw a noel-themed feast! And of course, no Christmas feast is complete without log cakes.

But rather than the same old flavours, why not try something new? Here are some unique log cakes this season that will be sure to impress your family and friends, or at least, raise a few eyebrows.

1. Mao Shan Wang Durian


via Yellow Pages

How about a Singapore-themed Christmas party featuring the King of Fruits? As local as it gets, this log cake is filled with layers of creamy Mao Shan Wang durian within the vanilla sponge. Each bite is sure to be a dream come true for durian lovers!
Where: Goodwood Park Hotel
Price: $62 (500g)
Contact Information: +65 6730 1867

2. Ondeh Ondeh


via Miss Tam Chiak

Want to avoid the crowds? Too lazy to cook up a whole Christmas feat? Neo garden catering offers Christmas packages for all sizes, including the Ondeh Ondeh log cake brought back due to popular demand. The Ondeh Ondeh log cake is made of Pandan sponge cake rolled with delicious Gula Melaka.

Where: Neo Garden Catering
Price: $68.80 (1kg)
Contact Information: +65 6896 7757

3. Bandung White Chocolate Raspberry


via Park Royal Hotels

A highlight of Parkroyal on Pickering’s LIME Christmas buffet is their log cakes. Incorporated with local flavours, the buffet offers a wide selection of log cakes including Pandan Coconut Yule Log, Bandung and White Chocolate Raspberry, and Durian Gula Melaka. Although pricey, the buffet is massive so make sure to save some space for dessert. But then again, most of us have a second stomach just for desserts right?

Where: Parkroyal on Pickering’s LIME Christmas buffet
Price: $58 – $108
Contact Information: +65 6809 8899

4. Lychee Champagne Tiramisu


via Cedele Market

The combination of fruit, alcohol, and coffee sounds almost too daunting but the flavours go well together. Coated with a subtle champagne mascarpone frosting, the moist almond log cake has a distinct lychee core. This burst of flavours is sure to be a crowd pleaser and it’s no wonder that it’s already sold out on Cedele’s site.

Where: Cedele
Price: $69 (1.3kg)
Contact Information: +65 6922 9700

5. William Pear

logcake-pear-1 logcake-pear-2

via Miss Tam Chiak

Deviate from the usual thick creamy flavours and try the William Pear log cake instead. Filled with fresh, juicy William pear chunks encased in a smooth, tangy mousse, your guests won’t be able to leave without getting a second helping. William pears are known for their tenderness and its sweetness balances the log cake’s citrus taste. You won’t have to worry about the log cake getting gelat (overwhelming) either!

Where: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
Price: $78 (1kg)
Contact Information: +65 6731 7172