5 Old-Street Traditional Malay Food @ Geylang Serai Bazaar

For those who still prefer the traditional Malay food, these are the top 5 dishes you should look out for at Geylang Serai before it closes!


By weijing

With June coming to an end, the much talked-about Geylang Serai bazaar is also closing soon. If you have yet to been there, do check it out before the Ramadan month ends! Most of you would have already seen various interesting food available at the bazaar which are also worth to be up on your Instagram grids! But for those who want a taste of the traditional Malay food, fret not! Here’s our guide of where to look out for these food in Geylang Serai:

1. Ramly Burger

What is a bazaar without Ramly burger? It is definitely a must-eat and one of the popular old-school snacks in Singapore’s pasar malams. You get to choose your meat patty, beef or chicken, which are then wrapped in egg. The sauces are do not fail to disappoint- with black pepper, mayonnaise and cheese. There’s even a “Ramly Special” which consists of two patties, egg, onions, vegetables and 3 different sauces!

2. Roti John

This is a a crusty baguette topped with egg, onion and minced meat, and slathered with mouth-watering chilli or red sauce and mayonnaise. This brings hotdog bun to the next level!

3. Vadai

Maybe not all Singaporeans have even seen or eaten this before! It is a donut fried fritters from India and it can be filled with chickpea and pigeon pea, seasoned with onions, green chillies, curry leaves and more. Its strong spices is really what makes it such a special fried snack!!

4. Dendeng

This is a thinly sliced beef meat marinated in different spices and it is one of the best foods in Pasar Malams! It can be served in different forms- in burgers, buns, fried rice and you can even eat it on its own! Recently, you would have seen this served in more creative ways such as tacos!

5. Bandung

A traditional drink made from rose syrup is definitely a must try in the Geylang Serai Bazaar. Topped up with milk and loads of ice, this is the perfect thirst quencher after a feast! One fun fact about bandung is that this drink was said to be concocted by an Englishman during his stay in Singapore. As he wandered around Singapore, he came across an Indian drink made of rose extract. He tried mixing it with black tea but the foul smell remained. However, when he mixed it with milk tea and sugar, the milk ‘thickened’ the drink and the sugar removed the foul taste. His colleagues asked what he was drinking and he said, ‘Banned Dung’, to which his colleagues thought was the mispronunciation of a city in West Java – Bandung (which he had visited on a missionary mission). Hence, the name AIR BANDUNG (‘air’, pronounced ‘ah’ ‘ir’ meaning water or drink in Malay).

The Geylang Serai bazaar would be ending soon so do check these food out before it closes!

Address: Area around Geylang Serai Market, Joo Chiat Complex and Haig Road
Dates: 26 May to 25 June

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