5 Places For You To Get Your Seafood Fix Be It Grilled Or Steamed

Not sure where to go to curb that seafood craving? Be it grilled, steamed or even fried, expensive or affordable, this list has got you covered!


By Marian Govin

Seafood has been all the craze lately with everyone searching for affordable places to get lobster, crayfish, crabs and the lot. With the demand also comes the massive supply of seafood fixtures. Different from our typical places like Jumbo seafood, here are five places where you can get your seafood fix all in different styles.

1. Wholly Crab

The past year saw the trend of seafood-in-a-bag booming up everywhere. One of these such places is Wholly Crab, a hidden seafood joint up in the midst of Bedok Marketplace. Wholly Crab offers a variety of bucket options, and also sides and pasta dishes. Their signature items are their Love Bucket or Wholly Bucket. Jam packed with ingredients like prawns, clams, mussels and crabs, this bucket is worth every penny. Served in a bucket (not a bag, but the concept is the same), the contents are poured out onto the table for you to dive into. Choose between their variety of sauces and I assure you, this is finger licking good! Read our feature on Wholly Crab here

2. Three Peacocks

This hidden gem in the depth of Labrador Park has been getting quite the hype recently for their popular BBQ Buffet. With their extensive range of live and fresh seafood, alongside a few marinated meats, take your pick and grill them all over a charcoal grill! Go crazy and stuff yourself silly with bamboo clams, giant prawns, crayfish and the list goes on! If you are looking for death by seafood this is the place for you to go. Watch our video on Three Peacocks here

3. Fresh Generation

This is one for all you folks who love some seafood soup! A giant bowl of fresh seafood swimming in a glorious concoction of seafood broth, and paired with fragrant white rice. Sounds good? Fresh Generation offers just that! Choose between Crayfish, Scallop, Lobster soup or opt for their signature seafood platter, and drink up the hearty broth that will warm up your tummy! A combination of fresh seafood and hearty seafood broth, you definitely won’t be disappointed! Read our feature on Fresh Generation here

4. Captain K

You and your group of friends craving for an extensive seafood selection but don’t know where to head to? Then head down to Captain K and dig in to their seafood tower! Nine levels of different seafoods all stacked atop one another means a joyful meal time cracking open shells and enjoying juicy, plump, and fresh seafood!

Customise your own layers and get stuffed squid, king crab, the list goes on! What’s more? Finish of your meal with a hotpot awaiting at the very bottom! All the succulent juices from your seafood would have dripped down into the pot, leaving you with a warm and thick broth to enjoy. Watch our video on Captain K here

5. Big Fish Small Fish

This one’s for all the millennials who love their insta-worthy locations and also to everyone who loves a good fish and chips. In the midst of the ever so popular Punggol Container cafe’s is Big Fish Small Fish. (Many of you should seen them over your instagram feed). Specialising in Fish & Chips, they offer a wide variety of fish such as Dory, Yellowfin, and even salmon. Their chips also don’t come in the usual fried form, but are rather thinly sliced sweet potato. Dining here will not only make your tummy happy but your heart as well. Big Fish Small Fish provides employment opportunities for those in need or ex cons and aims to make the place an inclusive one for anybody and everybody. (Awwww, right?) Read our full feature on Big Fish Small Fish here

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