6 Food You Missed Out at Singapore Farm Festival

Try not to miss out again the next time!


By delsar


Last weekend, Kopifolks was invited to Singapore Farm Festival held at Nyee Phoe and all we could say is that it was AWESOME! We are not just saying this because we were grateful that we were able participate in this event. To be honest, we didn’t expect much. Prior to the event, our expectations for a farmers’ market wasn’t very high. We just thought that there will be a few stalls set up selling fruits and vegetables and it was definitely going to be hot and humid. But to our surprise, there was so much more to it!


The scale of the event was huge! And despite the fact that the event was only advertised on social media, the word spread and many people from all over Singapore participated in the farm festival. The farmers’ market is just a market but at the Farm Festival, you have entertainment, food and drinks. There is even an animals corner! There were two sections to this farm festival. One zone is the farmers’ market and the other zone is where the food and drinks and animal corner is.

The food items we are introducing to you are all from the Farmers’ Market zone.

1. Wasabi Sprouts in a Cup

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Second generation owner of Quan Fa Organic Farm in Singapore came out with an interesting concept of “sprouts in a cup” when the market just started out. You can eat the sprouts fresh, mainly used in salads and commonly known as radish. But this sprout is definitely special. It has a tingling wasabi aftertaste but it is not spicy. Yes, the sprout tasted like wasabi! They also have sunflower sprouts that are slight bigger than the wasabi sprouts that was really crunchy and nice. They sell it in a cups for people to walk around and and eat at the same time.

2. Goats Milk


Hay Dairies is the only goats farm in Singapore, started up by a lovely couple. They have fresh goats milk, repackaged nicely and pasteurised. Their products are sold either directly at the farm or at supermarkets. They have two flavours, original and chocolate flavour. Goats milk sure have an acquired taste, but it has more nutrients than in normal milk you purchase in supermarkets.

3. Acai Sorbet

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Acai berries have recently been popular thanks to the health nutrients found in it. Poppy and Co. sells the pulps of acai berries in frozen bars. At the farmers’ market, they made acai juices and sorbets so that people can try and undertand more about the benefits of acai. We got to try the sorbet and it was delicious. It wasn’t artificially sweetened and it gave off a earthy chocolate taste. What a surprise! You can purchase their products from Fairprice Finest and check out their website for recipes to create a wholesome dish.

4. Bundt Cake

sff-9 sff-10 sff-11

The Bundt serves mini bundt cakes that were so pretty and delicous at the same time! Being a new start up, The Bundt has surely created a positive reputation for themselves at the farm festival. We tried their signature Moist Chocolate Cake Infused With Orange. Exactly as the name suggest, the cake was moist and the fragrance of the orange spread throughout your mouth after taking a bite. We also tried their Earl Grey Pound Cake with Lavender Icing. The cake was exceptionally aromatic thanks to the lavender. The earl grey and lavender married with one another creating this delicious bundt cake!

5. Starry Night Galaxy


This drink was created by Gild. It is actually made from butterfly pea flower infusion, fresh lemon juice and edible glitter. The drink displayed was blue in colour, but when it was souped into a cup and dripped with a few drops of lemon juice, the drink turned purple! So magical and beautiful, definitely insta-worthy.

6. Mash in a Cone

sff-13 sff-14

From the owners who brought you the colourful marshmallows, The Wicked Cream now serves mash in a cone. It is actually mash potatoes served on the cone. Just like the marshmallows, the mash was torched which gave the dish an extra colour and fragrance. The cone was first filled with two large scoops of cereal (cereal prawns type of cereal) then the mash was nicely swirled onto the cone. To finish off, they added a syringe of sauce and a few slices of maple-stout bacon. It was so yummy! Everything matches so well together. I have to give extra credit to that bacon, it was just so amazing!


Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market also launched a new book called The Kranji Countryside – Soul of Singapore. This book focuses on the greenery, scenery and people of this countryside. The book also showcases the side of Kranji that many of us don’t know about and highlights Kranji Countryside as a heritage landscape of Singapore. Each book cost $30 and all proceeds from the sale will be channeled to the Singapore Young Farmers. This is to help inspire and aid the farming community amongst the youth and next generation farmers to make a positive change to Singapore’s rustic countryside.


So if you missed out on Singapore Farm Festival last weekend, don’t worry! Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market holds this event every quarterly. Be sure to check out their Facebook for more updates for the next event. Try not to miss out again the next time!

Where: 240 Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore 718898
Website: Kranji Countryside