Diets – What is What, and Which is the Right one for you?

This beginning of the year is the time everyone is out to lose those extra pounds. But exactly which diet should you tackle?


By Marian Govin

The beginning of the year is inevitably diet season. After the massive amount of feasting that the majority of us did over Christmas and New Year’s, it is now time to shed those extra pounds for the new year. Plus, diets are probably on 50% of the population’s new year’s resolution. And thus, 2018 shall be the year that you do shed off those extra pounds. A key part to getting fit or losing weight is your diet, and with the myriad of diets out there, it is very easy to get conflicted as to which diet should be the one to opt for. So we here at Kopi Folks want to lend that helping hand and list out five different diets for your easy reading consumption.


1. The Zone Diet

Aim: To prevent dietary inflammation 
Pros: Helps achieve healthier weight, stronger immune system and slow aging.

The zone diet literally wants you to be in the “zone”, which is when your mind is clear and you aren’t hungry. The zone diet is filled with low-density carb, protein and dietary fat. Spread across three meals and two snacks, this diet is one that won’t leave you hungry. Strict meal timings have to be adhered to which may be hard depending on the kind of lifestyle you have. Snacks have to be eaten 2-2.5 hours after every meal and every meal must be eaten with only a 4-6 hour gap in between. Create a timetable for you to follow to make it easier for you to adhere to the diet!
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2. Keto Diet

Aim: To burn away stored fat and ultimately lose weight 
Pros: Has a healthful effect on Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome

The Ketogenic Diet AKA Keto Diet is a high protein low carb diet that aims to burn away the stored fat in our bodies. On a daily basis, the excess carbohydrates that we consume are converted into fat and stored in our body as “reserves”. By converting our diet to a low carb and high protein one, this forces our body to resort to the reserves and burn away the stored fat. This diet may be one that is tough to stick to especially if you are very used to eating a large serving of carbs everyday. Foods like rice, noodles, potatoes, have to cut down but a large proportion and instead be substituted for items like fatty salmon and eggs. Doesn’t sound that bad right? Well many people who have embarked on this diet report back that the beginning truly is the hardest. As your body gets used to burning off its stored fats, you generally will feel more lethargic and cranky. In the end though, many do reap the benefits.
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3. South Beach Diet

Aim: To help lose weight and maintain a healthy weight in the long run
Pros: Avoid diabetes, prevent hypertension and achieve normal cholesterol.

The south beach diet was is unlike any other diet. Don’t give this a pass just because of the name, the south beach diet has seen many success stories as well! Unlike any other diet, the south beach diet takes you on a three part journey. You won’t be cutting out foods in total on this diet but rather start having a healthy relationship with food. the first phase aims to cut cravings for sugary foods and refines starches, which also means the elimination of almost all the carbs you are used to eating like rice and noodles. Fret not though, this phase only lasts for 2 weeks! Progressively, phase 2 sees the slow introduction of carbs while helping you reach your target weight. This phase of the diet will last till you have achieved your ideal weight. One can always revert back to the first phase again. The final phase aims to help you maintain a healthy weight overtime together with a healthy lifestyle.
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4. Mediterranean Diet

Aim: To keep the heart and body healthy 
Pros: Promotes heart health, weight loss, cancer and other diseases

Just named the best diet of 2018, you know that this is one diet to try out. Unlike other diets with strict meal times, the mediterranean diet’s only rules are the foods that you can eat. And even then, you aren’t exactly limited by a lot. Considered as an effective way of eating rather than a full on diet, this diet sees that you eliminate refined sugars and rather focus on eating whole foods. Key foods include beans, legumes, vegetables and seafoods. Plus, go crazy on the olive oil! You can also treat yourself to snack throughout the day like yoghurt and fresh mix berries to help ensure that you are never hungry. The possibilities of delicious foods are endless, and this diet will not only make you healthier but also leave you feeling fresh and happy!
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5. Weight Watchers’ Diet

Aim: Lose and maintain a healthy weight within the ideal BMI 
Pros: Reduced glucose and insulin level

This is the one for those of you who are looking to lose a substantial amount of weight and keeping it off too. One of the most popular weight loss diet recommended by physicians, the weight watchers’ diet can help to cut down up to half your body weight! This diet also has it’s own community to help support each other through the diet. Get a coach as well to help you count your calories and monitor your weight through the diet and make sure that you are going on the right track. Unlike other diets which make you monitor your food, this diet requires you to download an app to access their point system. Making one accountable for their action everyday, participants have to hit a certain number of points daily by doing various activities and eating certain foods.
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