A Guide to Punggol Cargo Container Bistro!

Punggol Containers- 7 bistros. Here's a guide to your eating trail...


By weijing

The much talked-about Punggol Cargo Container Bistro is here! Located right beside Punggol Waterway Park, this is a place for you to chill and relax while immersing in the greens. This is the perfect place for you and your group of friends to hang out and satisfy your unique cravings as there is surely a cuisine to satisfy everyone! Furthermore, each container restaurant supports a social cause, which means by dining there, you are helping to make a difference in society as well!

  1. D Grill

Social Mission Message: Celebrate Diversity

Social Causes: Mental Illnesses, Needy Families

Serving local delights on grilled hot plates of pasta to sambal seafood, D Grill is sure to satisfy your taste buds! Some of their savoury dishes include Grilled Hot Plate Sotong and Hot Plate Pasta. They even serve desserts, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There is no doubt that D Grill is worth your time and money!

  1. Leung Kee Healthy Dessert

Social Mission Message: Live mindfully

Social Causes: Low Income Families

Looking for something refreshing? Leung Kee Healthy Dessert, which originated from Guangdong Province, has come to bring their traditional desserts to Singapore! It has various types of desserts from sherbets to grass jelly. In order to suit the local taste buds, they have even included a durian flavoured Sherbet dessert! These delectable desserts will definitely not disappoint!

  1. Seoul Good

Social Mission Message: Inspire Positive Change

Social Cause: Works with Changi Prison, needy families and single parents to provide employment opportunities to them.

Known for its authenticity as all ingredients are imported straight from Korea, Seoul Good Dessert and Coffee serves an adequate proportion of popular Korean food such as Fried Chicken and bingsu! Korean food-lovers should most definitely not give this a miss!

  1. Big Fish Small Fish

Social Mission Message: Promote Inclusivity

Calling all fish-and-chips lovers! Big Fish Small Fish serves a variety of fishes to choose from, including the highly sought-after red snapper. Apart from the fishes, there were various dips such as Salted Egg, Tartar, XO Mayo or Cheese, as well as, desserts such as churros and lava cake! There is no doubt we were stuffed to the gills after trying all these fintastic food!

  1. Boost @ Banks

Social Mission Message: Strengthen Communities

Looking for a place just to chill and drink with your friends? Boost @ Banks is the perfect place to be as it serves a diverse range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Offering mega large cups of Hoegarden Rosee to fruit-infused tea, you’re definitely spoilt for choice while playing a game of darts in this bistro!

  1. Pump Station

Social Mission Message: Support Sustainable Living

Social Cause: Ex-offenders and Low Income Families

They specialize in Asian fusion cuisine with a wide variety of beverages, which includes specialty drinks and liquor. This place prides itself with its retro concept and its food and drinks are tasty as well – definitely worth a try!

  1. L’Chaim Bistro

Social Mission Message: Enable Equal Opportunity

Social Cause: Single Mothers and works closely with AWARE

Limited in food options, L’Chaom Bistro focuses more on communal dining and bringing togetherness while bringing in the freshest ingredients for their food items. The ambience is great for long chit-chat session with your buddies, especially for large group gatherings as they provide long tables as well!

Did-you-know facts about Punggol Containers

Did you know that Punggol Containers was a concept carried out by Social Innovation Park (SIP)? SIP is a home-grown, impartial, not for profit organization founded in 2006 to Educate, Empower and Enhance social entrepreneurs and innovators from the Private, Public and People sector. SIP’s vision is to build a more inclusive, sustainable and mindful world, through high-impact, sustainable and cross-sector solutions to social needs.

SIP’s creation of a 1st ever 7 container restaurants was to encourage social entrepreneurs with a passion for F&B business to make their business model inclusive yet impactful in delivering a mindful difference that sustains. They hope to give back to society through their food, as well as to offer jobs to the marginalised. For example, there is the “suspended meals” system which would be talked more in this article. This system believes in passing kindness forward to strangers. Thus, each container restaurant has its own distinct design which carries a unique social mission message.