Top 5 places to eat in Chinatown

Chinatown is a hot spot for many great delicacies be it Chinese food or international fare. With so much to offer, here are some of our favs.


By Marian Govin

Chinatown is food haven, to say the least. Countless restaurants and coffee shops line the streets of Chinatown, giving tourist a myriad of options to get a taste of that local flare. We here at Kopi Folks have also spent our fair share of time at Chinatown and have come up with a list of places to eat for a wallet friendly meal or an all out full Chinese dining experience.

1. Lad & Dad

Chinatown is home to two famous hawker centres but the one in question here is Maxwell food centre. In the middle sits Lad & Dad, a stall serving up authentic classic British fare. Yes I know, a British meal in the middle of Chinatown isn’t exactly your go to, but this comforting British fare is a switch up from the usual. The must try is their Beef Stew. A hearty broth with chunky pieces of meaty beef, and paired together with their silky mash potato – this dish is one for those cold, gloomy, rainy, mondays. Watch our video here

Address:  Maxwell Food Centre Stall 79, 1 Kadayanallur Street, Singapore, 069184

2. DM Chicken

Want to have fun whilst having a meal? Then DM Chicken is your answer. Go in a small group and enjoy their sharing platters which are bound to fill you up. With pieces of chicken and various seafood drenched in their special sauce, best when paired with rice! Plus, with every $20 spent per paying adult, you get to have a go at their games! With a 5D Cinema and various VR Games, enjoy a fun filled lunch break here! Read our feature on DM Chicken here

Address: 191B New Bridge Rd, Singapore 059423

3. Hao Lai Wu

Ever since Hai Di Lao landed on our shores, many hotpot places have been sprouting up all around our little island. But many of them aren’t as affordably priced one would wish. In comes Hao Lai Wu, a Steamboat and BBQ place located in the heart of Chinatown. This little gem is not only affordably priced but also super delicious! With an endless range of foods for you to choose from, you are definitely spoiled for choice. Unlike the standard steamboat places, Hao Lai Wu also allows you to grill your favourite choices of meat at the same table! Combine the best of both worlds on the spot and eat to your hearts content! Watch our full video here

Address: 8 Sago St, Singapore 059012

4. Orchid Roast Fish

One up and coming favourite chinese dish is grilled fish. A whole fish grilled in an oven and drenched in an abundance of spices and sauce which usually tastes like Ma La. One of such place is Orchid Roast Fish which is located right at the entrance of the Chinatown MRT. The combination of a spicy sauce together with a piece of soft, succulent and juicy fish is absolutely to die for. After you are done with the fish, convert your pot into a hotpot and add in some of your favourite hotpot ingredients like pork belly and enoki mushrooms! Watch our full video here

Address: 68 Pagoda St, Singapore 059227

5. Mao Shan Wang Cafe

Done with lunch and now craving for some desserts? Finish of your meal with the king of fruits at the Mao Shan Wang Cafe! Try out their different delicacies like Durian Coffee or Durian fries! Or even order up the whole fruit if you are a purist! A must try their is definitely their Mao Shan Wang Ice Cream. Smooth, decadent and rich, this ice cream hits all the right notes. Be it a hot or rainy day, the king of all fruits is your answer! Watch our full video here

Address: 49 Temple Street, 058594

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