Top 5 Unique Eats In Maxwell Food Centre: Not your Usual Hawker Fare

Tired of your usual hawker fare but still want to eat on a budget? Here are 5 unique eats from Maxwell Food Centre all at hawker pricing!


By Marian Govin

When you say hawker food, you’ll automatically associate it with Char Siew Rice, Char Kway Teow and Hokkien Mee. But in this day and age, you can find unique eats like Ramen and British Banger and Mash in a Hawker centre! To prove this point, Kopi Folks headed down to Maxwell Food Centre – a very popular food centre which is filled with famous food stalls like Tian Tian Chicken Rice. We were on a mission, to try out five unique stalls that don’t serve your usual hawker fare. I’m glad to report back that our mission was a success! Here are our top five unique eats in Maxwell Hawker Centre!

Lad & Dad: Bacon and Chip Butty

1. Lad & Dad

Lad & Dad serves up British classics like Bangers and Mash and Beef Stew! Definitely something out of the ordinary, it is hard to get authentic British fare in Singapore let alone a hawker! Get your hands on their famous Banger and Mash which has seen rave reviews from many!

Lad & Dad: Beef Stew

From silky smooth mash to scrumptious British Burgers, Lad & Dad is one to visit when you are at Maxwell Food Centre!

Ramen Taisho: Chashu Ramen

2.  Ramen Taisho

Ramen in a hawker centre? Yes, I know that sounds a little dodgy but trust me this bowl of ramen is not only delicious but also super affordable. Everything is less than $10, and even customisable!  Choose from how much noodles you would want, to what toppings you would like and even the done-ness of your noodles!

Ramen Taisho: Chashu Ramen

Fret not, they do not compromise on taste as well. Their broth is as rich and flavourful as those you find at a restaurant. The broth tastes like it has been simmering for ages to get that earthy and rich taste but yet still light on your palate. Juicy pieces or Chashu are also an option that you should definitely opt for! Definitely don’t give this one a miss!

Yugo: Pulled Chicken Wrap

3. Yugo

This is your muslim owned subway but in a hawker. Choose from their wide selection of meats like smoked chicken ham or tuna, and decide if you would like to have it in a wrap, sandwhich-ed or a salad! I tried their pulled chicken was mixed with the mayo sauce and was able to choose as many vegetables and sauces to top it off. Not only is this a healthier option as compared to the usual hawker fare, this is a perfect on-the-go meal! Many office workers are always rushing for time, so what’s a better option than a delicious and healthy to-go meal!

Deli & Daint: Chicken Schnitzel

4. Deli & Daint

Deli & Daint is a stall that serves up salads and authentic European cuisines. In line with the European cuisine, their portions are huge too! So if you are feeling particularly hungry that day, this is the store to go to. A wide vege showcase takes up most of the space for all the salad lovers as well! The European menu is small but strong, though the dishes are limited but they are all jam packed with flavour. While there, a number of people ordered the seafood spaghetti but I opted for the chicken schnitzel instead. Three thick pieces of breaded chicken thigh served with a mountain of shoestring fries, a definite steal!

Popo & Nana’s Delight: Ayam Chim Set

5. Popo and Nana’s Delight

For something a little closer to home, Popo and Nana’s delight serves up authentic Nonya Cuisine. With countless newspaper clippings around the face of their store, you just know that their food is the real deal. With a menu that changes daily, there is always a new nonya dish to delight!

Popo & Nana’s Delight: Ayam Chim Set

Every set meal comes with a choice of vege and soup which makes your $6 super worth!