Where To Get The Ultimate Cheese Gooey Goodness

On the hunt for the ultimate cheese experience? Be it cheese dips or grilled cheese sandwiches, here's a list for that cheesy goodness!


By Marian Govin

One of the trendiest food items in 2017 has definitely got to be cheese. From Raclette cheese, cheese dips and insanely long cheese pulls, cheese was on the top of everyone’s must try. But where exactly should you go to try out all these various cheese dishes? Here is a list of 5 places to get your cheese fix!

Atmosphere Bistro

Located along the east coast, this bar bistro serves up some western delights with a unique local asian twist. What’s so cheesy about a bistro? Well, their Cheeseburger is what is. Their lava cheeseburger is topped with a full fried patty of camembert cheese. Unlike any other cheeseburger that I have had, Atmosphere bistro’s lava cheese burger sure has a whole lot of lava. With a single cut into the cheese patty, the liquid cheese runs out and coats the burger, The cherry on top? Camembert cheese isn’t as heavy as other cheeses which make this burger less likely to become gelat. Read our feature on Atmosphere Bistro here

52 Sandwhich Shack

This grilled cheese sandwich kiosk has been getting quite the hype recently. Known for their extreme cheese pull on the plain grilled cheese sandwich, you can count on them for delicious and fast on to the go food! Located in the basement of Raffles City, choose your favourite flavours for a cheesy and delicious rendition of a grilled cheese. (pssst, make sure you get yourself a choux puff for dessert from their sister company shuu choux which is right beside them) Read our feature of 52 Sandwich shack here

Ladyboy Mookata

Another great form of cheese comes in the form cheese dips! And there is no better place to get your cheese dip than Ladyboy Mookata. With eight different types of cheese for you to dip your meat into, you can go crazy with cheese! With options like Mentaiko and Truffle cheese, fire up the grill and dip your favourite meats into these unique types of cheeses. They are also home to an extensive range of meats and seafoods which are sure to satisfy your palate! Watch our video on Ladyboy Mookata here

Be Frank

If grilled cheese sandwiches aren’t your thingy but you are still looking for a quick cheesy fix then you can opt for Be Frank! This hotdog kiosk has 5 different varieties of hotdogs, all served with raclette cheese. If you aren’t familiar with Raclette cheese, you must have been living under a rock. Raclette cheese is the big hunk cheese that gets torched and then poured over the dish. all affordably priced, these hotdogs can be found at the basement of Paragon shopping mall! Watch our video on Be Frank here

The Big Cheese

A classic cheesy staple is definitely Mac & Cheese, and The Big Cheese is no foreign name. This is the place where you can DIY your own Mac & Cheese and form your create your own versions of this classic dish! Choose your own pasta base, types of cheese and various toppings, the options are endless! The Big Cheese has definitely become a hot favourite when it comes to DIY Mac & Cheese and with its convenient packing and endless possibility, you should definitely give this one a try! Read our feature on The Big Cheese here

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