Hi-Chew Grape Candy super-sized to Ice Cream Bars!!

If you've grown up eating Hi-Chew grape candy, then this new ice cream bar is going to transport you back to your childhood.


By ashley

Japanese confectionery company Moringa is reinventing Hi-Chew Candies by super-sizing them into ice-cream bars! I can still remember eating these by the pack and refusing to stop because of how addictive they were! From 29th May 2017, Hi-Chew grape ice cream bars will be available in convenience stores all across Japan! Can you say yum?! Now 90’s kids can relive their primary school days munching on these candies.

The ice cream bars are going for 130 yen (SGD1.60) and can be found in all convenience stores such as 7 11, Lawson, Ministop and Family Mart! We’re crossing our fingers that it’ll land in Singapore soon!