Who Knew this was how Original Katong Laksa is Supposed to Look Like?!

Who knew laksa could taste this awesome?


By delsar


Mike Lim Sweet Heng is the third generation owner of Roxy Laksa. Preserving the 64 year old family recipe that was passed down to him, he partnered with renown chef, Willin Low. This establishment started as a push cart stall located right outside Roxy Theatre in 1952, hence the name. Now, this well-loved laksa is relocated to Timbre+.


Many of us have the misconception that the thicker the laksa gravy, the more flavour it has and thus better. But this is not necessarily true. Mr Lim shared that: “Making thick gravy is very easy by just adding more coconut milk, but it will end up overpowering the flavors of other ingredients. It takes years of practice to be able to make gravy that has perfectly balanced texture and flavors,”


Roxy Laksa’s gravy was well-balanced and flavoursome at the same time. Not one spice over powered the other. Mr Lim sticked to his family tradition of preparing the gravy with fresh and quality ingredients daily. He would wake up at 4am each morning, make his way to the market to hand pick each ingredient that goes into every bowl of this delicious laksa.

Chef Willin Low personally loves the laksa and even introduced it to Martha Steward when she visited Singapore! He have also been dedicating his time to learn from Mr Lim the techniques and skills behind this laksa for the past two years. If Mr Lim were to ever retire or wishes to take a break, he would have a successor for his business.

roxy-fishcakes roxy-prawn

We tried a bowl of laksa and we instantly knew why Roxy Laksa has a crowd of regulars that followed their establishment all the way from Roxy Theatre to Timbre+. We realised, unlike the usual bowl of laksa we know that are loaded with cockles and beancurd, Roxy Laksa simply has fishcakes, prawns and beansprouts. Mr Lim said that adding cockles was not the traditional way of nonya laksa. We didn’t think a bowl of laksa without the cockles and beancurd would taste any good but we were WRONG!

roxy-chilli roxy-soup

We started off by taking a mouthful of gravy and were surprised at how robust the flavour was. The gravy was spiced up with the chilli but not too overpowering till you feel numb in the mouth. The proportion of coconut milk used was just right so that you don’t feel too sick of the gravy. The whole aroma of the dish was just amazing. The gravy was light and fragrant, almost like a thick soup base, so you can drink the smooth gravy down. We finally believed that “Less is More”. Needless to say, the freshly picked prawns, fishcakes and beansprouts in the dish all added different textures and made the bowl of laksa extra pleasant to consume. We finished the whole bowl in no time. The portion of the laksa was pretty big and the noodles were cooked just right.


Besides laksa, Mr Lim also serves otah made by a friend of his. A bowl of laksa only costs $4.50 and an otah is $1.50. Order a set of one item each and it only costs $5.80! This price for a satisfying meal is definitely worth it!


So visit Roxy Laksa today and try out a bowl of this mouth-watering laksa. You’ll definitely want to go back for more (we speak from experience).

Where: 73A Ayer Rajah Crescent, #01-17 @ Timbre+, Singapore 139957
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday – 9am to 6pm. Closed on Sundays.
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