Menu Overhaul At World’s Highest Craft Brewery

Craft beers, exquisite food and a splendid view!


By jiayu

Source @ Level 33

LeVeL33, the world’s highest urban craft-brewery and modern European kitchen, is popular for its amazing skyline view and craft beers. Recently, Executive Chef Jimi Tegerdine gave the brewery’s menu an overhaul with new dishes that complement signature and seasonal craft brews.

His inspiration for the menu came mostly from America and the melting pot of seasons from around the world. It’s also a personal project to lift the food, in terms of presentation and taste as they aim for several restaurant awards.

The restaurant has a very chill yet sensual vibe and it is the perfect place for a date or drinks with friends. Located at the top of the Marina Bay Financial Centre, you get an incredible view of the city skyline. The staff are also very knowledgeable, attentive and friendly.

For appetisers, we had the Forest($26). I would give it 5 stars for its presentation. The visually stunning vegetarian dish featured a mix of shimeji, blue foot, chanterelle, trumpet, and porcini, served on a block of tree trunk. Taking things a step further, the mushrooms came in seven different textures – paper, purée, raw, pickled, sautéed, chips and crumbled. Nestled in the middle was an organic egg poached in a 65-degree water bath. When broken, the egg flows over the oak trunk, adding a slight hint of an oak essence to the yolk. This adds flavour to the mushrooms, which by itself tasted very natural, almost bland.

We also tried the Carpaccio ($26), thinly sliced Wagyu beef served with smoked egg white, pumpkin mustard, burnt butter aioli and beef fat vinaigrette. The beef slices were fresh and tender, and the beef fat had a whipped-cream texture that was sinfully delicious. However, the taste of the mustard was pretty strong, so mustard fans would appreciate this.

For our mains, we decided to try the Kangaroo($39), the Market Catch ($39) and the Beef & Reef ($48.50).

I’ve never tried kangaroo meat so it was a novel experience. The pan seared kangaroo loin came with liquorice pumpkin puree, salt baked beet, bush leaf dust and blackberry jus. The kangaroo meat had a gamey taste and there wasn’t much marination so we could find out what kangaroo meat actually tasted like. The loin was also tender.

According to chef Jimi, the Market Catch is a bit of a surprise, not just for the diner but for the Chef as well. The chef works with fish-mongers in Europe for their freshest catch but they have free reign over the type of fish they send over, as long as it’s within the chef’s weight specifications.

“So I don’t even know what I’m receiving, which is the beauty of it because I’m not only following the season and availability of the fish but we’re going on what’s the best thing at the time. For me, it’s exciting,” said Tegerdine.

“So the fishmonger might send me four trout, once that four trout is finished, the fish (of the Market Catch) changes. So in one night, the fish can change four times,” he added.

For our Market Catch ($39), we got the Pink Rainbow Trout. It was cooked perfectly. With a layer of slightly crispy skin and pink flesh, the fish was firm yet soft and sweet. The thin slice of fish was delicious but unfortunately, the portion was a little small.

We also had the Beef & reef ($48.50) – chargrilled tenderloin with lobster tail, artichoke in textures, avocado puree and veal jus. The lobster is cooked in a hot pot of rock salt (which reaches 250 degree Celsius) in front of diners. White wine with vinegar and chilli powder is cooked with the lobster. The tenderloin was tender and juicy, and I thought it was interesting that the lobster was cooked to a medium doneness. I liked how this created a difference in the texture of the lobster, making the lobster more supple. The avocado puree went very well with the meat, the different textures of artichoke and the air-fried salaria.

We ordered the Leek ($14.50) from the new menu to accompany our main course. The American Leek stalks are sous vide, charred and served whole. The leek is sliced open and covered with a bone-marrow crumb, flavoured with a combination of anchovies, basil and panko, and cooked in its own juices inside a vacuum-packed bag. It comes with an ashy emulsion made from charred leeks, and they go well together.

Although these American leeks are much bigger and more chunky than the usual kind you find in NTUC, it tasted similar to the Asian leek. They went well with our red meat, and was a little like comfort food to us.

A lot of attention is put on the dessert. Each looks like a delicious work of art. We had the Beehive ($16.50), the Meringue ($16.50) and the Smoked White Chocolate ($15).

One of the Chef’s highlights is the Beehive ($16.50) and is perfect for that next #foodporn Instagram photo. The dish has a strong honey taste and is extremely sweet. Each hexagonal chocolate frame has a different flavour – from the blond dulcey, milk to the organic dark chocolate. The hive is a solid cinnamon puff pastry with slight sugar brush and lavender mousse, and comes with a scoop of home-made rosemary ice-cream.

The Smoked White Chocolate ($15) was a mousse, matcha 30 second sponge, pineapple carpaccio, caramelized white chocolate and green tea anglaise. I thought the texture of the matcha sponge was really interesting, it looked like vegetables at first glance but it tastes like a sponge cake.

My favourite was the Meringue ($16.50). The Chef uses corn, an unconventional ingredient to make this meringue dish. Inspired by the 2016/2017 food trend of savoury than sweet for dessert, Tegerdine liked the idea of corn in the meringue as it made an intriguing dessert.

Burnt corn husks are folded into the meringue, and filled with white chocolate and corn mousse. The corn itself is cooked in a light corn flavour, in what almost tastes like popcorn and is encased in sugar once it cools. The meringue is beautifully presented with popcorn, corn custard, white chocolate and corn ganache.

I loved the interesting mix of savoury and sweet in this dessert. The corn custard was absolutely delicious and I basically scraped all of it off the plate. I also liked what they did with the textures of the food (for example the white chocolate ganache looked like mash potato).

And of course, craft-brewery’s beer was great. With constant conversation between the brew master and the chef, the beer complements the menu. Nothing is too overpowering and does not overshadow each other. While there is a recommended beer pairing, diners can order the Beer Tasting Paddle ($23.33), 0.1 litre taster of five LeVeL33 craft brews, to decide what tastes better for them.

We got the Beer Tasting Paddle ($23.33) and tried the refreshing Lager, which was sweet and very light. The Wheat beer was sweet as well and had a fruity taste. The India Pale Ale was a little bitter while the Stout had a strong roasted flavour and bitter aftertones. We also tried the seasonal brew, the Oak Bock Beer which had a deep charcoal, woody taste.

This is a great place to visit for a special occasion, or just for drinks on Friday night. In addition to the new menu, LeVeL33 offers a beer dining menu with dishes and snacks such as the Lamb Bao ($17), slow roasted lamb shoulder in a steamed bun, and the Sizzler Beef ($18.50), sizzling cubed black Angus.

Where: 8 Marina Boulevard 33-01, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, 018981
Operating Hours: Thursday to Saturday: 11.30am – 2am, Sunday to Wednesday: 11.30am – 12am
Contact Information: 6834 3133