Party Like a Korean this Weekend

“Visit Joo Bar for good vibes, good food and party with us.”


By delsar

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Started up by a the couple who brought in sticky and E!ght Korean Barbecue to Singapore, Joo Bar was their first non-franchise establishment. They decided to start up Joo Bar as they are really into the Korean culture and have a love for Makgeolli (Korean Rice Wine). So when they found out that they can distill their own makgeolli, they decided to do it. Joo Bar is the first in Singapore to be a makgeolli bar and restaurant. They are also the only one to brew their own makgeolli.

joo-bar-makgeolli-sampler-1 joo-bar-makgeolli-sampler-2

Their best selling product is the Makgeolli Sampler Set which is great for people who have not been to Joo Bar and want to sample everything rather than stressing over which flavour to choose from . The sampler comes in five different flavours. The ones we had were: Original, Citrus Yuzu, Passion Fruit, Green Grape and Lychee. The original, yuzu and lychee are the constant flavours that will appear on the sampler set. However, the other two flavours are seasonal. The makgeolli sampler set are actually in a slushy form. The presentation of it is very similar to the eight coloured meat served at E!ght Korean Barbecue as they got the idea from there. All the flavours were delicious and refreshing! We definitely recommend this if you are not sure what drinks to order at Joo Bar.


Another popular item on their menu is Sojurita. This is a Soju and Citrus Ice Blend with a bottle of beer added into it. The end result is a refreshing drink that is both fun to drink and enjoyable. The Sojurita is Instagram famous because of the huge cup it is served in. You can choose to replace the beer bottle with a soju bottle if you want more kick to it.

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For their food, the Roasted Mangalitsa Pork Belly is their best seller. Using mangalitsa hog, the fats are a lot thicker than other pork bellies that you see in the market. These are good fats that are essential for your body. So don’t worry. The flavour of the pork belly was on point! It was slow roasted so meat was both fragrant and juicy. It did not have any foul smell from the pork itself. The mustard matches well with the pork reducing the repetitive taste of the dish. The pork was also served with a side of marinated chives with a little spice, a more traditional Korean side dish.

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The ambience of Joo Bar is definitely a nice place to chill. The place is dimly lit with interesting lightings giving off a cool hipster vibe. The seats were mainly bar seats with a small table and most of the furnitures being black and wooden. The great thing is that Joo Bar has 2 levels of seatings. However, their Friday and Saturday nights are usually full house.


When asked why people should visit Joo Bar, Cherry, the Marketing and PR in-charge said:

“Visit Joo Bar for good vibes, good food and party with us.”

Cherry also told us that many of their customers become regulars because of their staff and the ambience of the bar. They sometimes even end up drinking with their customers.


Joo Bar serves coffee (Juju Coffee) in the morning as well. The best of both worlds!


So join the fun today at Joo Bar!

Where: 5 Tan Quee Lan Street, Singapore 188094
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 12pm to 2pm and 5.30pm to 12am, Saturday to Sunday – 5.30pm to 12am
Contact Information: 8138 1628