Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Your Leftover Food!

Wastage is an issue in Singapore that we need to face and improve on.


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Wastage is an issue in Singapore that we need to face and improve on. Zero Waste SG and ITE College West have collaborated for a “Save Food Cut Waste” recipe competition where the students from the ITE culinary school comes up with recipes for leftover food at home. The competition was sponsored by Sheng Siong and National Environment Agency (NEA).


via Zero Waste Singapore Facebook

Many families that cook at home tend to have leftover food after a meal. Thus, the competition was held to find a recipe that educates homemakers ways they can cook the unconsumed food instead of just treating it as waste. This competition also teaches the students the importance of how food wastage is a serious issue in the food and beverage industry.


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Mr Eugene Tay, Executive Director of Zero Waste SG, said:

“This inaugural recipes competition would help to inculcate the message of food waste reduction in the culinary students, and also gives homemakers more options to turn unconsumed food at home into new dishes.”

The recipe created needs to include at least three common unconsumed foods found in a typical household. These food includes cooked white rice, cooked chicken wings, cooked chicken fillet, cooked Cai Xin, excess raw carrots, excess raw tomatoes, excess apples, excess oranges, excess white bread. The winning recipes will be posted on the Save Food Cut Waste website and their social media channels. Publics can follow the recipes and try out it out themselves at home!

Source: ZeroWasteSG