Set meal for 2 – 3 pax @ ONLY $39.90 from Thai Hao Chi Mookata!

Best Mookata set meal @ Upper Thomson!


By ashley

A hidden gem located along Upper Thomson Road (Near Springleaf) is Thai Hao Chi Mookata, a Thai food joint, very popular for their traditional Charcoal Based Mookata. Thai Hao Chi Mookata’s Yum Mak Mak set meal for 2-3pax is currently going at $39.90! The best part? There is No GST and service charge involved! So eat to your heart’s content as you don’t have to worry about the hidden cost of GST and service charge.

When eating Mookata, firstly you will use the pork lard to grease the dome. Chicken broth is then poured into the sides of the grill. The juices from the well marinated meat at the top of the dome will then flow down into the broth, creating a flavourful soup. The chicken broth at Thai Hao Chi Mookata is free of MSG, unlike many other mookata places that uses broth laden with unhealthy flavourings. Despite the lack of MSG, the soup was still infused with the aroma of the chicken and juices from the grilling meats, which you can’t just stop at one mouth!

Cooking with charcoal can be quite a smokey affair and that’s why Thai Hao Chi Mookata is the ideal place to get your traditional charcoal Mookata fix! Their Mookata is powered by SMOKELESS charcoal, so don’t worry about leaving the place full of smoky smell from top to toe. Also, traditional charcoal cooking definitely tastes better than using gas or electrical stoves! As the marinated meat cooks, it releases drippings that strikes the super hot charcoal, and those drippings are full of flavourings that vaporise and rise back into the meat from where they came. This is why using charcoal to cook gives you the wonderful aroma in your food!

Grilling meat usually dries it out pretty quickly. However, the well marinated meat was still incredibly tender and juicy after sitting on the grill for 10 minutes. Thai Hao Chi Mookata even serves Premium Wagyu Beef and Bak Kwa! Definitely a must-order for anyone who loves meat!

Their seafood was very fresh and serves in generous portions. Our favourite had to be the oysters and mussels, which were much bigger than those served at other places.

Don’t miss out on their popular Thai Style Sliced Abalone! A perfect dish to munch on while waiting for your food to be cooked.

Thai Hao Chi Mookata is located along Thong Soon Road (near 24hours Hans) at Upper Thomson.

Where: 908 Upper Thomson Rd (S787111)
Opening Hours: Daily from 5.30pm – 1am, last order at 11pm
Reservations: 85535581

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