Real Meat Without the Cruelty

Not vegan meat that tastes like meat, but an exact replica


By delsar

SuperMeat is cultured meat created by machines for human consumption. Although this may sound unappetising, SuperMeat pride itself to taste like real meat. SuperMeat is a biotechnology startup founded by Koby Barak, Ido Savir and Professor Yaakov Nahmias. This company sees to make the world a better place by ending animal sufferings, stop global warming and end world hunger. Instead of the traditional slaughtering of animals, the company uses machines to grow animal cells into meat.

“Our technology allows us to expand cells isolated from a small tissue biopsy taken without hurting the animal. We organise these cells into minuscule tissues and place them in an unique environment that is designed to perfectly mimic animal physiology, allowing those small tissues to organically grow into large muscles, essentially, just like they do in nature. Our technology is unique, as it allows for a local production, or distributed manufacturing. We can place our meat-generating, meat-growing machines in local supermarkets, in restaurants, and even at your own home.” said Professor Y. Nahmias, Head of Research & Founder of SuperMeat.

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Producing SuperMeat in the long run can also help the Earth can save up to more than 99% of land, use up to 96% less water and reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses by about 96%. As the population in the world is increasing rapidly, SuperMeat can also allow us to sustain the meat supply availability.

“I have a B.S.C in biology and in the first lesson we learn about the biodiversity crisis and it was clear that we need a game changer. And as a vegan and animal rights activist I always knew we need a solution which is global, which is a real game changer and this is cultured meat.” – Ronen Bar, Campaign Manager, B.S.C in Biology, animal rights activist, journalist.

“I became a part of the SuperMeat team because believe strongly in the idea of cultured meat. I believe that technology is the way to change the many problems that the meat industry is causing to the planet and the animals.” – Shir Friedman, VP of Marketing, B.S.C in Biology, animal rights activist, environmentalist.

Many of us may think that this product, created by science and machines, will definitely cost a bomb. On the contrary, SuperMeat is cheaper than regular animal meat. This is because mass production of this cultured meat is much cheaper than feeding and rearing billions of animals. It is also said to be healthier than regular meat as the production of the meat can be monitored. Thus, the SuperMeat produced are bacterial resistance, have lesser or no fat content and have a general improvement in the hygiene of meat production. Pandemics like the bird flu or swine flu can also be avoided. With the reduced cost, SuperMeat can reach out to more homes and providing them with the necessary protein source needed.

This project will not only benefit the animals and animal lovers, but also the health and well-being of Mother Earth and all of us living on it. If you are interested to financially backup for this project, you can visit SuperMeat – Real meat, without harming animals. Well, who knows? Maybe one day, we will put an end to the slaughtering of animals and have a SuperMeatloaf, maybe a nice plate of SuperMeatball spaghetti or even a SuperMeat Platter instead. Find out more information about SuperMeat.