Teochew Cuisines Now Available Onboard Singapore Airlines!

"Offer those familiar with the cuisine a little taste of home while travelling with Singapore Airlines"


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To those who are travelling overseas this year-end are in a treat to Singapore Airline’s Teochew Cuisine inflight meals. Passengers travelling with Singapore Airlines from now to February next year have the chance to try these new dishes on board.

This international carrier has recently announced that they will be serving a range of Teochew delicacies in addition to their current inflight meals. These meals will be available for all cabin classes.


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Passengers in the First Class and Suites are given a chance to try cold crabs and “Hei Zho”(Prawn Rolls) along with classics like steamed pomfret and “Orh-nee” (Yam Paste).


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For passengers in the Business class, you get to savour on Teochew porridge with with braised duck, salted egg and braised cabbage, “Bak Chor Mee” (Minced Meat Noodles) as well as Fried Png Kueh (Glutinous Rice Dumpling).


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Economy and premium economy class passengers get to try Braised Duck, Salted Egg, Beancurd and Preserved Vegetables or Stir-fried Pork Rice with Shacha Sauce(Chinese BBQ Sauce).


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Marvin Tan, Senior Vice President of Product and Services from Singapore Airlines said that they aim to introduce this unique Chinese flavour to international travellers and “offer those familiar with the cuisine a little taste of home while travelling with us”.


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After Singapore’s Airlines’ successful launch of Singapore Heritage Cuisine last year, a part of the SG50 celebrations, this project was initiated. They also launched a new Deliciously Wholesome food choices in April this year.

Are you excited to try this new inflight meal?

Source: TODAY Online