The Most Fanciful Softie You’ll See!

Their desserts are both instagram-worthy and delicious!


By delsar


We all know the meaning of the word ‘puffy’. We all know what a waffle is. Put them together, and you get Puffle. And you may have guessed it, Puffle is a puffy waffle. Simple as that. But where can you get a Puffle? At Hvala Waffle Bar!

Being their signature product, the puffle with soft serve is a dessert that is both instagram-worthy and delicious. Although it looks like the Hong Kong egglets, it is actually waffles. The two actually taste pretty different. Egglets, as the name suggest, has a more eggy flavour to it, however, the Puffle from Hvala Waffle Bar is made of a waffle mixture.

hvala-fruits hvala-crunch hvala-puffle

We had to try their best selling product which consist of a Puffle with soft serve and two toppings. The have a range of toppings to choose from. And as suggested by the friendly staff, the two toppings we chose were fruit loops and caramelised bananas. On top of that, we get to choose a sauce for our soft serve. As fans of caramelised biscuits, we picked the Speculoos sauce. We were also able to choose between maple syrup or chocolate sauce for the waffle, and we opted for the latter. The puffle was then made on the spot. The cup was first filled with some softie, followed by the two toppings and Speculoos sauce. Then, more soft serve was added. When the puffle was ready, it was placed in the cup alongside the softie and then drizzled with the chocolate sauce. More topping were then added. When the staff served us the final product, we were surprised at how huge the whole dessert was. The softie was made with Madagascar Vanilla which tasted quite different from the normal vanilla ice creams you get outside. It was more fragrant and the colour was slightly darker than the usual ones. The freshly made puffle was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside which marries well with the soft serve. The fruit loops gave the whole dessert more crunch and the caramelised banana gave it more texture. The Speculoos sauce added another layer of flavour which compliments the whole dish perfectly. The chocolate sauce was thick, gooey and semi-sweet, just nice balancing the whole sweetness of the dessert. We were pleasantly surprise by how everything was able to combine nicely to giving it an unforgettable taste.

hvala-happy-hour-board hvala-happy-hour

We were also able to try their limited edition Happy Hour soft serve. Made with beer softie and topped with snacks you find on the table of a bar. Served on a black waffle. The snacks were first added into the cone followed by the softie on top. Lemon juice was sprayed onto the softie and more snacks were added. This alcoholic softie really lives up to it’s name. The beer taste was strong and the savoury snacks on top gave the whole dessert an interesting twist. The soft serve is a slightly sweeter version of the usual beer. It actually feels exactly like having an ice cold beer while having some snacks at a bar. The cone was very thin, fragrant and crispy. The beer softie is made of a lager, although they could not tell us which brand they use, what they can actually tell us is that it’s not our local Tiger brand.

They recently added two new drinks on their menu, Blue Pea Elderflower and Blue Pea Ondeh Latte. The purple hue of the drinks are so beautiful!


The limited edition soft serves changes frequently and the period for each flavour served is not fixed. The older flavours may or may not return, so try not to miss out any! And just in case the limited edition flavour is not to your liking, you can always go back to their original puffle with soft serve which is equally delicious.


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