These Puffy Little Cubes are What You Need for Your Next BBQ Party

Marshmallows is the perfect dessert to signify the end of a barbecue.


By delsar

Marshmallows is the perfect dessert to signify the end of a barbecue. Toasting the marshmallows, making it crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, is just so satisfying. But the usual marshmallows we get from supermarkets are pretty boring, just one flavour that taste the same no matter how long you roast it. And sometimes, even catches fire.

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The owners of The Wicked Cream had the same concern about marshmallows and so they decided to take a step further to solve the issue. Creating a wide range of flavours of marshmallows that are denser and creamier than the typical ones. They have flavours like Choco Ferrero, Baileys Salted Caramel, Speculoos Caramelised Cookies, Sea Salt Gula Melaka and Charcoal Lemonade. Just hearing the names of these flavours, you’ll never expect them to be marshmallows! They torched the marshmallows with a blow torch that sears the marshmallow giving it a crispy outer and a soft gooey inside WITHOUT burning the whole marshmallow away.

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Just started in 2016, The Wicked Cream has brought themselves to many events. Couples can also cater them for weddings and they will provide on the interactive, on the spot service by roasting the marshmallows. Avoiding the conventional desserts table, couples can make their wedding day extra special by catering The Wicked Cream. They can serve up to 200 sticks of marshmallows in one wedding! They partner with Sheraton Hotel and couples can even get discounts for The Wicked Cream if they choose to cater them.

The Wicked Cream recently open a physical shop that is currently in operation only for appointments and food tasting. But good news! They intend to have an official store opening by this year’s Halloween. Serving not only marshmallows but also hot meals and drinks.

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We were lucky enough to have a sneak preview of their new store and we have got to say that it was beautiful! When we first step in, you’ll hear the soft sensual music playing in the background, and the pleasant smell of the scented candle filled the store with a calming aroma. The whole interior was designed and customised by themselves, following the industrial interior concept. Unlike the other hipster cafes that uses metal pipes to decorate their interior, The Wicked Cream uses containers to create another outlook of the industrial ambience. They also have these really cool lightbulbs that made the whole ambience of the shop, warm, cozy and relaxing. With only limited seats in their store, they will still be focusing more on takeaways and events. They will also be able to deliver to the office crowd near their establishment.

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via The Wicked Cream Co. Facebook


via The Wicked Cream Co. Facebook

The Wicked Cream serves roasted marshmallows on a stick where you can choose three flavours. They also have bottled marshmallows that are not torched yet so you can upgrade your barbecue party with a cool dessert by roasting them yourself. They have no added preservative in their marshmallows. So after opening the bottle of marshmallows, it can only be kept for a month. But you don’t have to worry because it is so delicious that you are sure to finish that bottle in just a week. Another interesting item that The Wicked Cream offers is the Mash in Cone. That is mashed potatoes torched and served on a cone with a syringe of sauce and delicious toppings! The have two flavours: Original and Truffle. You can also choose to add cheese in for extra awesomeness. The mash is served lukewarm so that the cone does not get soften easily.


Most importantly, all their products are all locally crafted and not imported. We can’t wait for their official store opening to try out more of their dishes. Check out The Wicked Cream and show your support for local talents! #WickedMallows #thewickedcreamsg

Where: 3 South Buona Vista Road, #B1-04, Viva Vista, Singapore 118136
Operating Hours: T.B.A
Contact Information: 9732 3123