Turn Fruits into Alcohol with This Device

Here's another reason to head down to your nearest supermarket and buy some fruits!


By cassandraann


Fruits have many benefits. They give you the nutritions and vitamins you need. But there is another reason for you to head down to the nearest supermarket and purchase some fruits. Because, today, you can finally turn your fruits into personalised craft cider AKA CHEAPER HOMEMADE BOOZE. What a time to be alive.


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Introducing the Alchema, a device that enables you to home-brew your own unique flavour of craft cider, mead and even wine. It is as easy as making a pot of coffee because you pick the ingredients and let Alchema do the rest. Turn your fruits into alcohol with just 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Choose a recipe


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In the Alchema app, there are 15 recipes that are already pre-loaded.

Apple & ginger

Cherry black tea cider

Fig & bay leaf apple cider

Maple syrup cinnamon cider


Orange cider

Peach & ginger cider

Pear & strawberry cider

Pear & honey cider

Pineapple cider

Pineapple & strawberry cider

Pomegranate cider

Raspberry cider

Simple apple cider

Strawberry raspberry cider

If so happens your favourite fruit is not in the list, you can create your own recipe with the Alchema app!

Step 2: Add the ingredients


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These ingredients include the the fruits, water and sugar. As you add the ingredients, Alchema will weigh them and inform you through the app when it is enough.

Step 3: Add the yeast


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For fermentation to take place, yeast is essential. There are different kinds of yeast and the recipe will tell you which yeast is the most suitable for the kind of cider you are making. For example, you will need a different yeast to make you cider still or bubbly. When you purchased the Alchema, there will be a 3-pack yeast included: 1 packet for sparkling cider, 1 for fruiter concoctions, and 1 for recipes with a stronger alcohol content. You can also buy additional from the Alchema site or from your local home-brew stores.

That’s it! You can leave and let Alchema do the rest.


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The fermentation time varies depending on the fruit, recipe and the type of alcohol you are making. Once it is done, Alchema will notify you through the app.

Alchema is different from traditional home-brewing because it is equipped with medical grade UV-C LED light that sanitises the container before fermentation process. Additionally, the app allows users to monitor all aspects of the fermentation process, elimination the need to open the lid and check the batch. All these thus reduces the risk of contamination.


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You can check the fermentation process on the Alchema device itself or the app. Tap the Alchema device and a LED bar will light up. The more portion of the bar lights up, the closer you can enjoy your tasty cider. The app also has a progress indicator that tells you how much percentage your craft cider creation is finished.


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