Visit Your Second Home You Didn’t know About

Immerse yourself into this lovely experience where good food is served to not only satisfy your tastebuds but also all your other senses.


By delsar

This is probably one of the most beautiful restaurant we’ve been to. From the exterior of the store, to the interior design of the whole establishment, it was just just so pleasant to the eyes. You are greeted with the calming aroma of lemongrass as you step in followed by beautifully hand painted murals on the walls. Submerge yourself into this wonderful atmosphere where you experience with all of your senses.

creatures-seats creatures-plants

CreatureS only started out in 2015, but has made it’s way to the hearts of many with its amazing ambience and exquisite food. This fine restaurant was started up by Dennis Chong and his partner, KK. The name, CreatureS was inspired by 2 derivations of this word. Firstly, “creature comfort”, which means doing anything that makes you happy. For example, if going to the movies makes you happy, than going to the movies is your creature comfort. For CreatureS, creature comfort means to cook anything that makes people happy, and doing the food that their customers enjoy gives them satisfaction. Hence, their tagline: “Savour creature comfort on a plate”. Secondly, CreatureS is also based on the word play on “creatures of habit”. Creature of habit is the idea that customers would appreciate CreatureS food. For example, you always go to the same place, seat at the same seat, order the same food, order the same drink and that makes you feel safe and warm. This is what CreatureS wanted their customers to feel.

creatures-level-1 creatures-level-2 creatures-balcony

This establishment has two levels and each has it’s own vibe. The first level has been designed with a more laid back vibe whereas the second level gives off a more romantic mood. The idea of having two different concepts is simply because it’s like your own home. CreatureS is form with the idea of having a cozy environment that mirrors your house. When you first step in on level one, it’s like your living room, it’s brighter, breezier, more casual and communal. When you take the stairs up to the second level, it’s like taking the stairs up to somebody’s bedroom. It’s a little more intimate but more cozy with a balcony too. So that’s the idea of having 2 different vibes so that people can enjoy when they dine in CreatureS. If you’re in the mood for just a breezy lunch or just cakes and desserts, stay on the first floor. If you feel like having an intimate dinner or having drinks on the balcony where it’s more romantic, second floor will be for you. So there’s a space for everybody in a home.

creatures-menu creatures-flowers

The wall murals were designed by a close friend of the owners and it was a way of expressing her art that lands a big personal touch. Most of the branding, from the placemats to the menu design at CreatureS were also done by the owners themselves and their good friend. Their inspiration mainly revolves around a home. So dining at CreatureS is not only about the food but it’s so much more than that, it’s experiential as it touches all the senses. The things that you see, the music that you hear, the smell you smell and lastly the food that you taste were all carefully curated to ensure that all their customers leave CreatureS with an enjoyable experience. They also change the fresh flower displays every week to give a brand new fresh mood to the “house”. CreatureS is set up in a conservation Peranakan Shophouse and the owners live in one as well. They also have nice music at home with nice plants and flowers and the same lemongrass scent. For customers, it’s about experiencing a home out of home, but for the owners of CreatureS, it’s actually a seamless transition from home to work.

creatures-cakes creatures-bar

Dennis also said that “I think we hit a sweet spot in creating a space that kind of brings something new into Singapore. Firstly, our food comes with an interesting twist. There’s always a local with Peranakan flair but yet we also incorporated a very modern touch on selection like homemade cakes, handcrafted coffees and interesting cocktails. So when I say there’s something for everyone, it’s a place where you and your friends can come for a casual meal, cakes and coffee, but it’s also a place where young people can bring their parents, who are of a Peranakan heritage or likes a bit more of local food but yet in a modern environment, that is quite homely. So I think we hit a sweet spot of cutting across a lot of demographics.” He also shared that Creatures have customers as young as 16 years old coming in to enjoy food or cakes with their friends, but also have elderlies in their 80s here with their family. So there’s a bit of everything for everyone. They want people to know that they are putting out good food and customers can rely on them for comfort food, good service and good ambience.

CreatureS gets real busy on Friday and Saturday dinner time where people would go down to enjoy a romantic dinner and some cocktail. Their weekend lunch crowd is also pretty packed with families.


Their best selling dishes are Miso Cod and Ulam Onigiri, and Roast Duck and Pear Salad. They also have a new kid on the block, called Bali, that is slowly rising in popularity amongst customers. The Miso Cod and Ulam Onigiri has always been their top seller and would even get sold out on the weekends. So what better dishes to try other than their signatures?


We started off with the Miso Cod and Ulam Onigiri. The oven roasted miso cod was served alongside a couple of belachan assam herb rice ball and cucumber salad in plum sauce and lime dressing. The cod fish was firm and the scorched outer layer of the fish gave the dish extra fragrance. The rice balls had shallots topped over it and the aroma of the herbs really went well together.


Next, we had their Roast Duck and Pear Salad. This salad has Chinese roast duck, Chinese pear and butterhead lettuce that was tossed in plum sauce and served with keropok. The keropok is first crushed and thrown into the salad before mixing up. The sweet and refreshing pear slices gave a nice balance to the savoury roast duck. The crisp of the lettuce, keropok and pear works as a great contrast to the tender duck.

creatures-bali-2 creatures-bali-1

Then, we had Bali, which is pork collar marinated in Balinese style tumeric-based rempah that was lightly battered and deep fried, served beside a baby sprout and lychee salad. This new item on the menu was able to gain recognition from customers fast as it was simply delicious. The generous portion of tender pork collar was served with a fragrant chilli sauce dipping. The salad on the side was also surprisingly amazing! Who knew that sprouts could go so well with lychee?


For desserts, we had their signature Durian Cake and a new item, Thai Milk Tea Fromage. The Durian Cake was made with pandan genoise sponge and pandan vanilla chantilly cream with a Mao Shan Wang durian paste. The sponge cake was light and the cream was smooth and refreshing. The real bits of durian were just so satisfying.


The Thai Milk Tea Fromage has a light and creamy Thai Milk Tea cream over a soft and fragrant cheesecake. The desserts were generally not overly sweet and acted as a perfect ending to the meal.

CreatureS will also be serving an “Unusual Christmas Menu” with dishes like Hainanese Chicken Rice Rolls, Imperial Creatures and drinks like Santa Klaus Kopi Gao and many more unusual creations!


Be sure to visit CreatureS and immerse yourself into this lovely experience where good food is served to not only satisfy your tastebuds but also all your other senses.

Where: 120 Desker Road, Singapore 209639
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday – 12pm to 10.30pm, Friday to Saturday – 12pm to 11.30pm. Closed on Mondays.
Contact Information: 6291 6996