What Time is it? It’s CHOUXTIME!

It's time to CHOUX!


By delsar


Choux (pronounce as “Shu”) are light, crispy and airy pastries which are commonly used to make French pastries such as profiteroles or éclairs. Ollella is a little bakery cafe that serves choux puffs which are essentially cream puffs. This establishment was started by two sisters and the name Ollella was actually a combination of their names, Ollivia and Marcella.


Both of them loves baking ever since young. Although Marcella have always been a home baker, her sister took up baking in Chicago and Paris. Paris is where she fell in love with choux pastries and eclairs. But when she returned to Singapore, eclairs were already out in the market, so she decided to change the look of it. As compared to Japanese pastries, Ollella serves choux puffs that are less flowy which is more similar to the French style.

ollella-open ollella-chouxtime

Marcella shared that: “We’re the only cream puffs with the most texture and different types of filling in one, a different style from the usual puff pastry. As compared to local puffs, which tend to me a little more “gelat”, because they are only filled with one type of cream. We try to add more texture and different components which becomes quite interesting when you eat it. It doesn’t even feel like a cream puff. When you call it cream puffs, Singaporeans tend to think that “it’s too fattening”. However, there are other pastries that are more fattening, but just the idea of eating so much cream just turns you off.”

Ollella has limited seating as most of their sales goes to deliveries and takeaways and they also cater to events. Most of their establishment is dedicated for the production.


Their best selling product is their dark chocolate as it’s a comfortable flavour that many tend to stick to. Ollella offers eight flavours to choose from and out of that eight, one of the flavour changes every month. Lychee Rose used to be the flavour of the month previously but is was so popular that they decided to keep it with the rest.

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We tried four flavours of their choux puffs: Matcha Azuki, Lemon Meringue, Rasberry and Lychee Rose. All the puffs were super fragrant, crispy and thin. The Matcha Azuki has azuki beans (Japanese red beans) filling in it and the swirl of matcha cream on top of the puff tasted like matcha ice cream! This flavour wasn’t too sweet as it has the balance of the bitter matcha powder. The Lemon Meringue has a generous amount of lemon filling in the puff. There was nice balance of sweet and sour as the tangy lemon filling was on par with the sweet meringue on top.

ollella-rasberry ollella-rose

The Raspberry had fresh and sweet raspberries with a jam like filling which made the puff feels like an upgraded version of a morning toast. Lastly, the Lychee Rose. This popular flavour has a lychee filling and a rose flavoured cream swirled on top. It was decorated with light and thin chocolate crisp and rose petals which gave the puff another layer of texture and fragrance.

ollella-latte ollella-tea

We ordered coffee and tea to go with our puffs for a perfect tea time experience. The cafe latte was just as good as any good coffee should taste like. The tea we chose was Asian Sunset which was a blend of Himalayan Shangri-La White Tea, Jasmine Petals, Red and Pink Rose Petals. The tea was light which cleanses the palette while leaving a nice floral aroma behind.


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Ollella also serves mini choux platter which includes all 8 flavours of choux puff they provide. These cute little versions are not only pretty but great for parties as well.


So head down to Ollella today or visit their website to place your orders for a Chouxtime of your life!

Where: 3 Pertain Road, Residences@Somme #01-01, Singapore 208108
Operating Hours: Monday and Wednesday to Friday – 12pm to 6pm, Saturday to Sunday – 11am to 6pm. Closed on Tuesdays.
Contact Information/Website: 9139 9871/http://www.ollella-chouquette.oddle.me