15 Animals People Actually Eat In This World

Can’t, I just can’t.


By delsar

Warning: Some images may be considered disturbing to some.

1. Raccoon – China and US


via National Geographic Kids

Oh man! Not these cute little bandits!

2. Rabbit – Russia


via Gadgets Blog

Common staple in Russian families.

3. Iguana – Various Parts of the world


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In some countries, iguanas are actually considered a pest.

4. Dog – China


via International Business Times

Many of us may have heard of this. Especially the infamous Yulin Dog Meat Festval held annually in Guangxi, China.

5. Lamb Pancreas – Europe


via Wikipedia

Known as “sweetbread’ although it’s not bread and most likely isn’t sweet either.

6. Horse – Europe and Japan


via The Horse Fund

Not as rare as you think. You can get this in Japan, but many of us still can’t bring ourselves to try this one.

7. Duck Embryo – South East Asia


via YouTube

More commonly known as ‘balut’. The embryo is half formed so you could actually taste the feather and bones of the creature.

8. Fruit bat – South East Asia


via Flying Classroom

Said to be beneficial to one’s health.

9. Zebra – Hunters


via Independent

Consume by hunters who hunt the animal down.

10. Armadillo


via Crikey

This is just so weird.

11. Squirrels – USA


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Most commonly hunted. But they are so cute!

12. Goat Fetus – India


via Missing Regretsy

Although it is not a common dish in India, ‘Kutti pi’ is an Anglo-Indian delicacy.

13. Starfish – China


via A Field Guide to Chinese Street Food

Grilled and served on a stick.

14. Guinea Pigs – Andes Region


via Pinterest

These adorable household pets are considered a delicacy.

15. Cats – China


via ltaaa

They didn’t just stop at dogs.

Well, the Earth is definitely a place filled with all sorts of people. It’s saddening to see how people treat the animals we love this way. I’m pretty grossed out by now. But we may be booing at what we deem as unethical behaviour, but who knows? Someone else may be booing at us for eating chicken and carrots. This does not mean I would eat those animals mentioned above. Can’t, I just can’t.

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