These 5 foods could be ruining your diet!

Have you been snacking on these foods recently? Here's the truth on how good they actually are for you.


By ashley

For anyone starting on a healthy diet, it may feel close to impossible to find snacks that are both nutritious AND tasty. On top of that, a lot of snacks marketed by supermarkets could actually be messing with that diet you’re working on so hard on. Read on to find out what foods to avoid the next time you’re picking up groceries.

1. Low-fat or Fat-free yoghurt

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A lot of people may instantly reach for fat-free or low-fat yoghurt options at supermarkets. I mean, it makes sense right? Fat-free equals to healthier choices. Doesn’t it? Unfortunately, that ain’t the truth when it comes to yoghurt. Although yoghurt is a healthier snack as compared to chips or a bottle of soda, low-fat or fat-free yoghurts are often packed with lots of sugars to make up for the taste lost when the fat from it is removed. So what should you substitute this with? Instead of purchasing those next time, go for Greek yoghurt! Just add some fresh grapes or berries for natural sweetness and you’ll have a hearty snack to go!

2. Dried fruit


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Buying packets of 7D dried mangoes from Malaysia back to Singapore is a no brainier for most of us. However, dried fruits such as the 7D mangoes pack a punch when it comes to sugar. A serving of dried mango has a whopping 27g of sugar and is laced with unnecessary preservatives to extend the shelf life. Instead of going for dried mangoes, you could pick up figs, goji berries or prunes as a substitute! We recommend Sunsweet prunes for a tasty snack!

3. Energy bars


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It’s highly likely that the energy bar you’re biting into is full of sugar and no different from a candy bar. Always look at the nutrition facts before purchasing a whole pack of post-gym meal replacement bars. If you’re in a rush and really need to get in a quick and healthy meal, salads at Cold Storage go for under $10! Just remember to lay off the thick dressings and go for olive oil or vinegars.

4. Breakfast Wraps


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Breakfast wraps may seem healthier when compared to buns or sandwiches due to their thin and flat appearance but such wraps could contain up to twice the amount of calories as regular white bread. Opt for whole wheat bread and some pre-prepped veggies for a really wholesome breakfast!

5. Skim milk


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Skim milk may be low in fat, but it also strips away nearly all nutritional value and flavour from your already healthy whole milk! In order to compensate for what’s lost, skim milk is fortified with synthetic vitamins to make up for the protein and calcium lost in the process. Our take? Just stick to whole milk in the mornings.

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