5 Mooncakes that Look Good and won’t make your Wallets Cry

Here's a list of 5 Mooncakes that won't set you back by a whole lot.


By Marian Govin

Mid Autumn festival is coming which means the season of Mooncakes is upon us. Mooncake ads are popping up left and right and malls are all having their mooncake fairs. But are you looking at the prices of mooncakes and feel the hole in your pocket getting deeper? With hotels retailing a box of mooncakes from $60-$70, we here at kopi folks have collated a list of 5 affordable mooncakes so that your hole in the pocket doesn’t get any bigger. Plus, they are from your everyday bakeries.

Credits: Old Chang Kee

Old Chang Kee

That’s right, your favourite curry puff stall has a new launch of mooncakes this year! Playing on the traditional flavours as well as including unique tastes that we all love, Old Chang Kee is stepping up their game this year. Get a set of 4 mini mooncakes at only $28.80, and savour these delicious mooncakes without feeling your bank break. Flavours include Red lotus, White lotus, Charcoal Skin with Black Sesame and Matcha skin with Pandan! Mixing the old and new, this is one for the whole family to enjoy.

Credits: Prima Deli

Prima Deli

Treat yourself to some snow skin goodness at Prima Deli with their unique range of snow skin mooncakes. The range includes classic flavours like Durian but yet innovative tastes such as the Chendol mooncake. With a wide array of flavours to choose from Prima Deli’s snow skin mooncakes are priced at an affordable $50.30 per box! If you are feeling a little more traditional, they also offer traditional baked mooncakes ranging from $51.30 – $56.30 per box with flavours that even cater to the health conscious.

Credits: Polar Puffs Facebook

Polar Puffs & Cakes

Our neighbourhood cake shop doesn’t limit itself just to cakes. With a mooncake range a wide as any hotel, but at a lower price, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t consider getting your mooncakes from Polar! Their traditional bakes mooncakes range from $40 – $46 per box and includes all time classic flavours but also special ones such as the Green Tea Apricot and Black Sesame Gold. If you are up for their snow skin range, You can pick from either their royal or splendour skin range which has flavours such as gula melaka, earl grey and Butterscotch. A box of Splendor snow skin mooncake will set you back $40.50 while the Royal snow skin only costs $31.20!

Credits: Hong Kong Mei Xin

Hong Kong Mei Xin

This is your stop for some oozing golden goodness. Hong Kong Mei Xin has been popular choice for mooncakes for many over the years, and this year they are launching the Lava Egg yolk with White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncakes. Basically a Liu Sha Bao but in a mooncake. Cut into this mooncake and your mouth will water just by the aroma and the sight of the flowing lava. At only $58.00 for a box of 8, these Hong Kong mooncakes are worth every cent and more.

Credits: Emicakes


The resident winner of eggless cakes, Emicakes has a range of snow skin mooncakes that doesn’t disappoint. Their range of snow skin mooncakes comes with a set flavours that set them apart from the rest. It includes classes favourite like D24 and Mao Shan Wang, but also includes special flavours like Milk Tea and Yam Cheese Snowskin. Can’t decide on which flavour to get? Then get their anniversary special Snow skin combo which will include 4 different flavours for only $54.00! Pre-order now and get up to 30% off your mooncakes to help you save more!

There you have it, a list of mooncakes that won’t make your wallet cry. So go out and enjoy these mooncakes! You’ll thank yourself later.

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