Afterglow by ANGLOW: Illuminate your taste buds try Delectable Meatless Food

This meatless restaurant recently launched their new menu, and it's hard not to resist these delectable new dishes!


By shani

In case you didn’t know, the co-founder, Carmen Low, of the hipster bistro, Lepark, has another popular restaurant at the heart of Chinatown called Afterglow. The similarity? Both gives off that hipster vibe that young adults would love to hang out in. The differences? A lot. Unlike Lepark which sells scrumptious tapas, here at Afterglow, you get quality meatless food that you’d never thought you’d like! Furthermore, Afterglow has that more serene and chill atmosphere, and a cozy place for anyone to just relax and eat good food. Being one of the well-known restaurants along Keong Saik Road, we were not disappointed when we got a chance to try their newly revamped menu!

We know, we always put the desserts to the last, but this Acai Bowl ($15) is a must-try here. You wouldn’t want to go back to eating other acai bowls out there anymore once you’ve tried this! This cold and refreshing acai bowl consists of acai berry and raw muesli (rolled oats, raisins, cranberries, coconut oil, maple syrup, cacao powder, pumpkin seed and cashew) at the bottom. They also have seasonal fruits, raw berry compote, salted tahini ‘caramel’ sprinkled with coconut cracker at the top! What makes this acai bowl so special is that it is not too sweet and not as jelat as other acai bowls out there. This is definitely the highlight here at Afterglow!

Ever tried meatless nuggets? Well, you’ll have to try the oven-baked Lentil Nuggets (6 pieces/ $8) is made of lentil, egg and seasonings! The sauce is actually garlic cashew “alioli” which is their homemade “mayonnaise sauce” but a healthier version of it. The crust of the nugget is really crispy, but soft on the inside. You may find the taste odd at first, but the taste of it will grow on you! I recommend to pair the nuggets with the slightly sour sauce to give that extra flavour!

One of our favorites here would have to be the unique and flavourful Afterglow Avocado Kimchi Rolls (6 pieces/ $14)! They are made with almond sushi “rice” , in which the almond are sprouted for 24hours before it is made into the “rice”. Unlike most restaurants out there, they use homemade 7 days aged kimchi which is fermented in-house for at least 2weeks before they use it for the rolls. The new addition to this dish would have to be the that this roll is topped with avocado slices, adding a refreshing touch to the rolls! Interestingly, Carmen mentioned that this was the first dish she ever learnt how to make and it was this particular dish that inspired her to start up Afterglow.

Another one on their new menu is the Quinoa & Spinach “Hash Brown” burger ($20)! The patty is made up of quinoa and spinach! The burger is oozing out that cashew cheese sauce which uses nutritional yeast to give it that cheesy flavour. This dish is also served with baked sweet potato wedges and purple cabbage coleslaw with nut mayonnaise at the side! Note that this dish contains egg and dairy! Also, you get to choose whether you want lettuce, brown rice “bun” or vegan bun (contains gluten) for this dish!

Haven’t tried a meatless pizza before? Why not give it a try by ordering their Raw Pizza ($22)! The crispy crust is actually made up of dehydrated almond crust! They sprout the almond overnight, blend it and form a paste with some spices and lay it and let it become crispy under low heat to retain the nutrients.The almond-base of the pizza is topped with onion, flax seed, cashew mayonnaise along with seasonal vegetables!

Another dessert you might want to try would be their Raw Chocolates (4 pieces/ $10)! You may not think much of it but this gluten, dairy & sugar free chocolates are raw and vegan! Not only that, they are surprisingly delicious. Four pieces of chocolates weren’t enough for us. Also, if you add $1 per piece, you can get any coffee/tea order!

24 Keong Saik Road

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