Barrio by Mex Out: Possibly the Best Mexican Food in Town?

Been on the lookout for some good Mexcian food but never really found the right spot? Barrio by Mex Out is here to help solve that problem.


By Marian Govin

Opening hours:
Daily, 11am-1130pm


Neartest MRT: Somerset OR Habourfront

I’m going to admit, I have never been to Mexico, I’m just a die hard Mexican food fan. The mix of spices and balance of heat is my exact soft spot, and Barrio surpassed all my expectations. Barrio by Mex Out is not a foreign name to many, in fact tons of people have been to Barrio. As do any good restaurant, Barrio has recently revamped their menu with plenty of new additions to try! (Plus their new menu is super pretty too)

Chips, Guac & Salsa

Chips, Guac & Salsa ($11)

What better way to kick start a Mexican meal than with a classic serving of Corn Chips, Guacamole and Salsa? Barrio sources their corn tortilla from a local supplier who is the only one in this little red dot! Freshly fried corn chips are crisp and break off with a fresh crunch. The smooth guac makes for a silky smooth texture in your mouth and the mild flavours complement each other to a T. The salsa is the opposite of the guac. It’s more towards the liquid side but packs a punch. The heat at the end of each mouthful is a kick to your tastebuds and a refreshing start to the meal. If the salsa is too spicy for you, you can always use the guac to cool down those tastebuds! If you are up for the challenge though, you can request for their spiciest salsa which can make your mouth water.

Prawn Ceviche

Prawn Ceviche ($12)

Another starter, the Prawn Ceviche is light and refreshing. Served with three pieces of fried corn tortillas, this dish is definitely a great way to start off your meal. Scoop your desired amount of the Ceviche onto the tortilla and you’ll be amazed at how a simple and light dish like this can be jam packed with such flavour. There are notes of citrus and a hint of herbs, the overall dish is really clean and light. A crunch from the corn tortilla and firmness from the prawns, a medley in your mouth!

Taco Platter

Tacos ($6, 1 pc / $17, 4 pcs / $24, 6 pcs / $38, 10 pcs)

Ask for Mexican food and one of the first things that you would be suggested to try is Tacos, so how can we miss this out? The taco platter at Barrio combines all of our favourite meats and flavours onto one taco filled platter and was simply to die for. The menu has a total of six different flavours, but the ones that are not to be missed are the Beef, Vegetarian and Fish.

6H Braised Beef Taco

The beef taco is filled with pulled beef that has been braised in house for six hours. The juices from the braising burst into your mouth with each bite and the red salsa & lime helps add a tinge of sour and freshness to the taco.

Baja Fish Taco

If you aren’t a fan of red meat, you can always opt for the Baja Fish which was highly raved about. Deep fried beer battered sea bass falls apart seamlessly in your mouth and the chipotle mayo gives the dish a slight kick of heat. On top of that, the taco is topped with pickled red cabbage to help liven up the flavours.

Vege Taco

But the surprising favourite was the vegetarian option. Being a meat lover myself, I never expected to reach out for this taco. However the roasted vegetables were flavourful and the taco was served with crispy cheese, something that you don’t see elsewhere. The saltiness from the cheese and earthiness from the vegetables combine to form a taco that is both filling and delicious.

Veggie Enchiladas

Veggie Enchiladas ($18)

It seems like the Mexicans really know how to cook their veggies because this was yet another veggie dish that left me wanting more. The enchiladas itself is simple. An assortment of roasted vegetables loosely wrapped in a tortilla, and served with two salsas. A red and green salsa, with the red one being spicy and the green one not. The roasted vegetables still held their bite which gave the entire dish the texture that it needed, but the salsas were what made the dish.

Veggie Enchiladas

The red salsa had the right amount of kick at the end of each mouthful which won’t make you tear up but rather leave you craving for more. The green salsa on the other hand was packed with flavour from the tomatoes and spices, but still held a character of it’s own. Both the red and green salsas worked together to form contrasting tastes which somehow complemented each other and the vegetables.

Grandma’s Key Lime Pie

Grandma’s Key Lime Pie ($8)

No meal is done without dessert, and we strongly recommend this jar of goodness. Unlike your regular pie which is served in a slice, Barrio serves theirs in a jar with alternating layers of lime cream and pastry. The pastry was not flaky unlike the typical pie pastry, but this resembled more of a cake texture. The lime cream was out of this world. It was not too sour but yet was packed with lime flavour. The jar disappeared within seconds and you will definitely find yourself scrapping the sides for more.

Authentic Mexican food is not easy to find but Barrio by Mex Out does seem to be nailing it pretty well. If you are craving for some good tacos or burritos, stop by Barrio and give their new menu a try!

313@Somerset, #01-14/15 313 Orchard Road, Singapore 238895
#01-116 Vivo City 1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585

Opening hours:
Daily, 11am-1130pm


Nearest MRT: Somerset OR Harbourfront

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