Best-value A4 Wagyu Beef Sets in Town!

Niku Katsumata now sells A4 Wagyu Beef! Check out this place for unique dishes containing beef!


By yongqing

Are you a fan of grilled beef? Now imagine a five-course set featuring A4 wagyu beef cooked over crystals. Priced only at $38, this is really a steal! Pop by Niku Katsumata now for a taste of their authentic Japanese wagyu beef. Nestled along Duxton Road, Niku Katsumata is a 20-seater grilled meat restaurant that first originated in Ebisu, Tokyo (The Ebisu branch is an exclusive Japanese restaurant that is only opened to memebers).

The 5 mainstays include Japanese Pork Prosciutto, Homemade Kimchi and Seasoned Sprout, Chinese Cabbage Salad Topped with Umami Seaweed, Premium Selection of A4 Wagyu Beef, and Japanese A4 Beef Curry. This set is packed with authentic Japanese flavors that will surely whisk you away to Japan.

The wagyu beef set features 6 cuts of Kagoshima beef, one of the best wagyu you can find. This is accompanied by 2 different sauces: the restaurant’s special sauce made from onion, pineapple, and peach; and a british smoked sea salt. The lean Japanese beef is also cooked on a special crystal plate to ensure they remain tender and moist. The meal ends with the Japanese A4 beef curry featuring akira rice and a special curry beef curry sauce.

Other than the beef set, the Tataki Wagyu is another must-try at this diner. This $20 rice bowl features a generous serving of premium A4 wagyu seared lightly for a natural flavour. Opt to add premiums like uni, foie gras, ikura or cavier at $5 each for the full flavour. The donburi is then soaked in bonito soup stock for a fragrant finish.

Address: 47 Duxton Road, 089511

Operating hours: 5:30pm – 11:00pm

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