Birders: The New Hype in Tanjong Pagar

Birders serve Japanese yakitori of utmost quality and of a unique style, 10/10 would recommend!


By weijing

Located along Tras Street, this quaint shop is definitely a must-go if you are around the Tanjong Pagar area. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it, the attractive “Fine Birds and Sake” neon signboard would definitely catch your eye! Birders is a Japanese Yakitori restaurant which focuses on grills from different parts of a chicken. Its sake is one of its forte too.


For 2 persons, it was recommended that we ordered about 10-12 sticks of grill and 2-3 plates of grill. There is also a section of the menu which is called Fillers (mainly comprise of dons). We were first served the Sasami ($4.50), which is a special part of the chicken breast. The chicken breast is topped with ume and a special sauce called ohba genovese which is made from a leaf mashed into a pesto sauce look-alike.

Next up, Tsukune ($4.50) is one of the best grill I have eaten. As an egg lover, to dip a filling chicken ball into an onsen-tare condiment is really one of the best experience ever.

An interesting grill would be the Tail ($4). It is not literally the tail but just the portion behind it. Seasoned with garlic shoyu, it gave a nice touch to the dish.

Other interesting grills would be the Cartilage ($4, far right) which is topped with mayo and salt and the Heart ($4, middle). Being slightly resistant to eating internal organs, the Heart definitely surprised me because it was seasoned and grilled so perfectly that it just tasted like a normal chicken part! On the far left, the Thigh (far left) cost about $3.50.

Other grills to try would be the Oyster ($4.50) which is the part about the chicken thigh and the Pork Belly ($4).


For the Sharing portion, a must-try would be the Curry Crouqetas ($10) which is filled with potato, Japanese curry and minced chicken. The sweet curry sauce blended really well with the ingredients and it is decently one of the best croquetas I have ever eaten.

Another must-try and highly raved dish would be the Liver Mousse ($16). It is made up of fried mantous which have a sweet and crispy texture to them. You can dip it into the bourbon sauce, followed by the Yuzu Marmalade, leaving a sweet yet tinged sour aftertaste.

We also tried the Age-Harumaki ($10) which looks like the Chinese spring rolls. It is filled with fish paste and sweet corn, giving a unique taste to it.

The last sharing dish we tried was the Birders Wing ($10). The bite-sized wings were seasoned with black vinegar and sake, which tasted gave it a slightly sour yet rich flavour.


As the tagline of the restaurant suggests, you definitely need to end of the meal with a cup of sake! At the front page of the sake menu, there is a diagram to explain the different flavour profiles of sake. For a mild experience, the Kaiun ($15, left) and Tsukasabotan ($15, right) are highly recommended. The texture is sweet and smooth, giving a slightly burning aftertaste.

The overall design and layout really gave out a good chill vibe and the experience here was really beyond our expectations! The meal was great and the service was superb as well. For the quality and freshness of the grills, the price is really worth it! This place is definitely worth a visit and I would definitely try it again!

Address: 55 Tras Street, Singapore 078994

Contact no: +65 8748 4585

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday: 6pm to 12am, Friday to Saturday: 6pm to 1am, Closed on Sunday