Brunches Cafe- A Vintage Wonderland

Brunches serves all-day Breakfast Menu, Gourmet Sandwiches, Waffles, Coffee, Tea and other Beverages to the funky café-goers. They also have limited High-tea sets for those who wants to gather, relax, chill and have light nibbles in the afternoon. Bakery and Pastries are freshly made daily in the kitchen, so no preservatives will be used.


By weijing

Located along Rangoon Road, Brunches Cafe is another must-go amongst the cafe cluster in that area.

All Day Breakfast

From its All Day Breakfast selections, we tried the Brioche French Toast ($13.90) which was a simple french toast served with mixed fruits and maple syrup.


For the mains, we tried Frutti de Mare ($16.90) which is linguine in creamy tomato sauce. It is tossed in garlic and chilli flakes and comes along with shrimps, squid, muscles and clams.

One interesting dish we had was the Golden Risotto Ball ($16.90). It totally amazed us due to the creativity of the dish and how well everything went. It was a crispy risotto rice ball filled with bacon and cheese served with chicken in tomato sauce.


Other than its interesting main dishes, its beverages never fail to impress as well! Coffee on the Rock ($6.50) is a hardened coffee ice cube which melts upon mixing with milk. Its an interesting experience and you can customise the taste of your coffee after it melts with the sugar syrup and milk given.

For the sweet toothed, you can try these colourful drinks which sparkles and capture the instagram gradient mix!


Stepping into Brunches Cafe really brings you into a vintage wonderland.

They feature Vintage Furniture Collections in the café, for patrons to relax and dine in. Patrons can also choose to purchase them if they want to bring the enjoyable experience home. Brunches also have retail corners featuring genuine vintage collectables and unique products to sooth patrons’ retail needs. Everything with a price tag in the shop are for sale!

The service is excellent as well, with staffs being very attentive to customers’ needs! However, their freshly baked pastries and bread are sold out pretty fast, about 4pm so do come early to grab the freshest loaf!


Address: 94 Rangoon Road

Contact no: +65 8685 8488

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 9am – 7pm, Closes on Tuesday